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    April J. Rhys

    This is late, but I WANT THIS. My dream job is to basically create art and stories with like-minded believers in a studio type setting and that’s basically what you’re suggesting here, so I’m going to pray about it and potentially make this a priority. Thank you so much for suggesting it! I will be glad to help in any way that I can.

    ~To Infinity and Beyond

    April J. Rhys

    All these ideas sound amazing, but I really like the idea of doing it from a group of characters’ perspectives with each of us having our own character. XD And keeping it on the slightly humorous side is going to be a blast. I’ll definitely do an animal character since people seem okay with that. X] <3

    I’ll be glad to try pitching some simple story lines.

    Discord is always good and I think for something like this we’ll need steady communication.

    One more thought, because I’m a massive planner and have been trying to study studio processes on a very amateurish level…this is just a suggestion or something you guys could take and adapt to fit our needs, etc.–

    1) Decide basics (what we’re doing now): Chat alot. Create characters, create story line, choose genre, choose medium, choose art style and character designs, etc.

    2) Write script: Every gets on a Google Doc or Discord chat with their characters during scheduled times and write the script together from their chosen character perspectives. One person becomes the moderator/leader. They are in charge of keeping the story line on track and writing any extra character roles.

    3) Edit script: Moderator copies down script and we all edit it in a Google Doc to make it more polished/take out unnecessary dialogue, etc.

    4) Set up art queue, with someone as the sketcher, someone doing the line art, someone doing the coloring, someone doing light and effects, etc. (That will keep the style consistent). Some very important person (probably the moderator) oversees the entire process and corrects any changes that need to be made.

    5) Someone do the uploading and marketing work. We couldput  it on Story Embers, maybe an Instagram or Facebook page, or Deviant, if we really like it, put it on Webtoon or some other comic viewing medium.

    (Again, this is just me throwing out stuff! Hope it’s helpful in someway. We can also just chill and do it however we want without a set plan until we know better how we work together.)


    ~To Infinity and Beyond






    please let’s do that, please xDD

    I’m just imagining a bunch of characters like, sitting in an interrogation room (or something like it depending on the genre) and everyone tripping over their words and trying so hard to get their stories out and arguing and hilarious stories and I can’t even x’DD

    Also, I’m in. (: And I think a docs would be a good idea, even though I might not be on constantly since I’m relatively busy.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Also I want my character to be a super dry and sarcastic and easily annoyed lawyer-type character who like, corrects peoples grammar and is just a general obnoxiously smart nuisance x’DDDD but like also has a soft spot for the most ridiculous things like idk bunnies 😂😂😂</p>
    y’all I’m so happy right now

    @slisby @theclumsy_lamplighter @lin

    Married a blacksmith, and now frequently uses his knowledge for writing fantasy.

    Sarah Louise

    @april-j-rhys I think having a plan similar to that would be great! It would definitely help to keep us on track 😀 Finding a time where we can all work on this together would be good considering timezones. Not sure how ‘4’ would go, considering we’re mostly all pretty far away from each other and use different mediums? That’d be another thing to figure out together I guess ^-^

    Yes!! It’ll be hilarious XD

    So hey! Were those character ideas just an example, or would you actually be interested still with having our characters being brother and sister? ‘Cos I’m happy too if you are! Sibling relationships are pretty fun ^-^

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    @theclumsy_lamplighter THAT’S A GREAT IDEA! I think we all agree on that, let’s do it! 🙂

    Man, I can’t wait to design a character!

    @slisby @the-fledgling-artist @april-j-rhys

    Working on this at the same time might be a little tricky for me though, considering it’s 6 hours later in The Netherlands compared to US eastern time haha. I do think a chat might be handy!

    Now all we need to do is decide on genre, think of a story and characters! I think most of us are agreeing on a kingdom adventure kind of genre? Here’s some stuff I think might be fun:

    A group of knight like characters that have to protect something or someone, have failled miserably and are now on a quest to get the person or thing back. I think it would be fun to put our characters in a group like that! Kind of like The Ranger’s Apprentice books.

    A fantasy land where people are figuring out the first things about technology. Maybe guns are not invented yet but one character has invented something that could control the weather, making it an easy weapon to be used in a war. Other characters may try to keep that from happening at all costs.

    Anything including royalty, war and all that drama. (I’d love to create a princess character hehe).

    Switching up some cliche’s in the fantasy genre. The story could take place in the desert or the jungle. Dinosaurs could still be alive, people ride on giants birds.

    These are all just some little ideas. Like Fledge said, we could all come up with different ideas for a story, pick the things that we like best and put it together. 🙂

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    The Fledgling Artist

    @slisby Maybe we could make a google document like Grace said? I don’t think it will ever work for everyone to come on at the same time since you’re from Australia and Lin is from the Netherlands, but having a place where we can chat and spit ideas around other then the forums would be helpful. I have a skype, but I’ve never tried google-hangouts or discord. (though if everyone else wanted to I’d definitely be open to trying it!)



    AAAaH You’re so organized and professional, I love it.  Hehe, I’m thinking of doing an animal character too. It would be very different from what I normally, do, but so would the rest of the comic, so why not? xD

    Here’s what I’m thinking about your super amazing organizational list.
    1. Yes, we should probably keep working at figuring out the basics
    2. we should probably nail the plot/storyline pretty hard before we make the script
    3. Writing the script will be so funny, because of the nature of what we’re doing, everyone will have the creative choice to exxagerate or just not mention certain things that happen in the script and not include them in their final comic. x’D Oh man this is gonna be great.
    4. I’m thinking to make things a little simpler for ourselves we might not worry so much about art style consistency? But if this goes smoothly and everyone is up for a round two, maybe we could try that then? (It would be really good experience for working in professional environments.)
    Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what everyone else is thinking is that we’d each do our own version of the same storyline, and then compile the separate comics together at the end somehow? Actually having different artsyles might suit our story well, ’cause it would exaggerate the different character’s different perceptions of reality. x’D
    5. I’d say we can figure out what do to with the finished masterpiece after it’s done, but it difinitely doesn’t hurt to start thinking about it a little now. Initially, I was just thinking we’d post it on SE, and maybe get critique from other artists who didn’t participate (and maybe even some writers, for the storyline, but probably more so from the artists) Ohh, it’d be so super amazing if there was some way to print out a colored hardcopy once it was done though. I’d loveee having one. I’m just rambling now. xD I ramble when I’m excited.


    YESS!!! Having random scenes interrupting of them just, like, arguing over little details sounds HILARIOUS.
    I love your character already. x’D If Lin is gonna have a princess character, maybe this guy could be her advisor or somthing.

    YESS I’m getting so excited to start designing my character. I’m already starting to have some ideas, but I think I need to figure out their backstory/personalty better before I can get a good design. Are you actually gonna do a princess? ‘Cause I kind of LOVE that idea.
    Maybe some of the characters could be knights from the princess’ kingdom, but I kind of like the idea of their squad being a group of halariously random misfits that somehow all wrapped into the story’s conflict.
    I really like the weather controling thing for our antagonist.
    (Oooh, I just realized we still have to design the antagonist!)

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    @the-fledgling-artist Well, I really want to! And if no one is opposed to it, I shall! 🙂 I agree though! A band of misfits would be so much fun. I’m getting way too excited about this haha.

    YESS! He would be a great advisor to my princess character. That’s if you want to ofcourse. I love his character already haha.

    “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”



    why am I so excited right now I just

    kkkkkk xDDD y’all this is going to be very fun hahaha

    I think the idea where we all write the comic in our own style is absolutely brilliant. xDD I think it’d really be funny because, from my character’s point of view, of course he’s going to have all the great ideas and be the hero, but whilst from someone else’s point of view he might just be an annoying sniveling brat, whilst from someone else’s point of view he might be more close to the actual sort of person he is, etc. etc. etc. And the same goes for all the characters. For example, my boyo (I’m thinking of calling him Kester? What do y’all think?) will probably think relatively highly of the princess since he’s her advisor/knight(? If all of our characters are going to end up being knights anyway) and basically works for her and is her loyal subject, etc. etc. He probably would still look down on her tho like “psssh kid what are you doin,’ it’s my job to advise you. Why? ‘Cuz you need advising ‘cuz you have no idea how to get through life. Learn from the master, young grasshopper.” Even though she probably (depending on what Lin wants <333) is a wise young leader and can pretty much handle herself x’DDD

    These are all just thoughts though. I, too, ramble when I get excited. xDD

    I think my boyo is going to have wings if that’s okay with everyone. Also, what’s going to be the general age range of the characters? I was kind of thinking Kester was going to be around 16-20, but I would be totally cool with having a younger/older age range!! Or different characters could have different ages??

    A doc would be easiest for me because I don’t have continuous internet access, and it might be more helpful for making thoughts more organized rather than the more sporadic way of a chat? It’d be easier for me to catch up with what you’ve all said.

    I like the weather changing guy for the antagonist. Also, is the princess going to be with the little “group” or is she going to be kidnapped? Are all the characters going to be knights (with exception of the princess)?

    @lin @theclumsy_lamplighter @slisby @april-j-rhys (< I’m so sorry I forgot to tag you earlier sdfjhsdkfhsd)

    Married a blacksmith, and now frequently uses his knowledge for writing fantasy.

    The Fledgling Artist



    Do you like the name Jasper, or Basil better? 



    I think my guy is gonna be 20-21ish. (but he’s not human… soo…)

    I don’t think they all need to be knights, but if anyone wants their character to be a knight nothing is stopping them.

    Grace, Kester sounds like such a cutie. x3 What kind of wings does he have?
    How do we make a google doc? I sorta forgot xD

    Maybe to start with we should all work on making character designs and maybe even a reference sheet. (I hear turn arounds and reference sheets are super important for comics or animation projects.)


    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."


    @the-fledgling-artist What about Jasper Basil? x’DDD That sounds cute to me.

    Okay, so Kester will just be an advisor then. XD I think he’s going to end up being 19 based on the drawings I have of him??? But @lin it’s really up to you—I feel like his age should kind of correlate to hers, because it’d be weird if she had an advisor who was younger than her. Though… that might actually be hilarious. So. Whatever you think. 😂😂

    Also, already on the reference sheet thing. 😉

    Married a blacksmith, and now frequently uses his knowledge for writing fantasy.


    @h-jones I love him so much already!! haha. He and the princess will get along just fine (most of the time xD). I really like the name Kester btw!! It fits his character. And no one needs to be a knight! It was just me brainstorming out loud haha. And I’m fine with him being 19! My princess character will be around 16 to 17 years old.

    Haha the thing is in Dutch I prefer the pronunciation of Basil over Jasper. But in English I like Jasper more than Basil. Though I love both! I agree with Grace. Jasper Basil sounds fun! And yesssss to reference sheets and turn arounds!

    Sooooooo I may or may not have been working on designing her face this evening haha. Her name is Gisette! 🙂 She’s determined to be the wisest queen there ever was and may rely on Kester’s advice a little too much. After all, he’s an advisor! And he probably knows better than her, or anyone else. Her forefathers have made lots of mistakes while ruling and Gisette is determined to not end up like them. She’s very compassionate though, with a strong harted towards injustice.

    Also, while I was brainstorming for her character I thought about some ideas for the story. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TELL ME IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT! We all have to like the story to make this work. We don’t have to do any of there. These were just some things that popped into my head: So we have this kingdom, all kind of creatured live here in peace, there is however some conflict with the country next to theirs where the antagonist rules. They’ve been inventing all kinds of unusual things. He’s created something (maybe some kind of machine?) that gives him control over the weather. It wont be long till Gisette gets crowned and maybe Kester gives her the advice to get some inventors to think of something that might protect their country. However, barely anyone in the country has experience with this.

    Maybe one of the other characters does.

    Maybe another character is strongly against inventions and thinks the antagonist should be defeated some other way.

    Maybe another character owns the last thing the antagonist needs to succeed.

    Maybe the antagonist actually succeeds and this group of misfits has to figure out a way to get the throne into the right hands again.

    Once again, this is just me brainstorming. I’m so excited to start this comic guys! 🙂

    “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”


    @lin *cries* oh my word, Gisette is beautiful!!!!!! I love her so much already! And hahaha I am so excited to see how she and Kester are going to act and their little friendship and sdhfbjddbfkjebffjkhejkfv

    Eek! This has got me so excited!

    SO I’ve been working on Kester some too 😀 here’s a thing:

    OOO I really like the plot! But definitely want to hear what everyone else thinks! A little idea may be that Kester is somewhat willing to sacrifice the kingdom’s morals for protection and maybe he can end up having a little character arc xDD Or maybe not, because we do want to keep this very lighthearted and funny <33

    I’m so so excited though cry

    ALSO what do you guys think of Kester’s design? I feel like it might need some changes or touch-ups but I don’t know what. Suggestions?

    Married a blacksmith, and now frequently uses his knowledge for writing fantasy.

    The Fledgling Artist

    @h-jones @lin



    Seeing these, this thing is starting to feel like a real thing that’s gonna happen. Agh, I’m so excited now. I’ve decided to name my guy Basil Ilian. I’ve had to do a lot of experimenting, but I think I’m getting really close to his finished design.

    Kester looks super cool, but right now he strikes me as looking younger than the princess. Which is fine if that’s what you’re going for, but I just thought I’d mention it. ( I love his lil smirk xD)
    Even if we can’t properly flesh out a coherent theme, I think it’s a great idea to be thinking about any character flaws and how their adventure could affect them.

    Lin, (EVERYONE) I think you’re idea is great! It kind of sparked another idea though, so if you still like yours the best (and everyone else has a say too of course) then let’s go for yours, but here’s what came to me. Okay, so what if Gisette is really concerned and worried about this other kingdom becoming a threat because of their inventions, but since she’s not been crowned queen yet she can’t do anything about it, and her father disagrees with her on wanting to get involved. But when she talks to Kester he suggests going behind the kings back w/ a squad of *capable people to ( idk, do SOMEthing? Maybe destroy the machines?… or something else??). So they go, without her father’s permission, and lots of hilarious disastrous adventure ensues. And then after the whole thing, the KING is the one who questions everyone at the end! (like when everyone is explaining what all happened, and interrupting each other.)
    … What do you think? Please keep throwing out your thoughts guys.

    *actually not capable at all

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."


    @h-jones Aaahh he looks great! Look at you improving, making characters look up and all that! I agree with Fledge on that he looks a little young but if that’s what you’re going for, great! I think his anatomy looks really good. Can’t wait for him and Gisette to terrorize the castle.

    I’m super curious about your character! Mostly about ‘what’ he is xD

    OOOoooh I really like that idea too!! It would make Gisette a little more rebellious so I might have to change some things in her character a bit. But I think that would be great!! Maybe the king is leading his army in some place, leaving Gisette at the castle to deal with somewhat more peaceful issues in te kingdom. To prepare her for when she becomes queen maybe. Untill they hear about the antagonist and his machines and maybe Kester advices her to do something about it like right now. Thus the squad teams up to take care of it before it’s too late?

    Hahaha the king would have SO many questions.

    “I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”


    @lin @the-fledgling-artist Oooh, thanks a million for pointing that out. I’ll make proper adjustments. 😀

    Anna. Your idea. Is so perfect. XDDD As for Gisette, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s more rebellious. If she leans really hard on advice from Kester, he just might be extremely convincing and insist that it’s for the good of the people. Whatever y’all think <3


    The king questioning everyone at the end tho x’D

    I am so excited y’all

    Married a blacksmith, and now frequently uses his knowledge for writing fantasy.

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