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    Hey, everyone! I have been thinking about and looking into Christian publishers and agents who represent inspirational stories. I’d love your thoughts and opinions!

    Agents have the typical query process, which is fine, but I find that most who represent inspirational stories are looking for romance category and not, say SFF in the inspirational and Christian market. OR any that represent for the Christian YA market. Perhaps I look at the #MSWL and those who generally represent the secular market. Which is also fine. I was looking more for an agent that does represent both.

    Those who read SFF… do you have any great imprints or publishers that sell your favorite authors? WHO are they? : )

    I came upon Christian Manuscript Submissions. I guess you pay $100 to submit your manuscript that can be reviewed by publishers and agents, like Zondervan etc. The larger houses. Anyone have experience with this? I have NEVER heard of having to pay to submit submissions, so this seems odd to me.


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    mom. writer. always needs coffee.



    @bekah Paying to submit? Hmm. That doesn’t sound right. Let me tag @briannastorm our local publishing expert. 😉



    @evelyn Thanks!

    mom. writer. always needs coffee.


    Taylor Clogston

    @bekah Money in trad publishing should only ever flow toward you, the author.

    Either find an agent who represents your genre, or go all lone wolf and submit to the houses themselves, according to their submission guidelines, if they even accept unsolicited MSs. Or self publish.

    But a legitimate agent or organization will never require money for submission.


    Brianna Storm Hilvety

    @bekah @evelyn @taylorclogston Christian Manuscript Submissions is a legitimate business, so it’s not a scam, but also probably not worthwhile except as a last resort if you haven’t been able to get an agent/publisher on your own. This post gives some helpful advice about manuscript submission services:

    Wielder of a Red Pen |


    Taylor Clogston

    @briannastorm I guess I misspoke. I should have said “any agent or organization worth your time,” which it sounds like that linked post (and, I imagine, you) agree with =P



    Ah! Thanks for the link. I’ve queried different books over the years, the normal/slow route and NEVER heard of a service like that before. Very few publishers accept unsolicited submission, so I don’t tend to look at publishers anyway.

    mom. writer. always needs coffee.

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