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    Jenna Terese

    @andrew Ooh, awesome! I’ll try to read as much as I can, but I might a few parts with life busyness…

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    Veraza Winterknight

    *stares at Nicholas* What is up with him???

    E.B. Raulands

    What genre is this story written in? For some reason it makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.

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    Andrew Schmidt

    @e-b-raulands, the genre of the story is not Alice in Wonderland, though it might be somewhat related to that time period. I hope that was a good answer.

    , well, Nicholas is just sort of… not the nicest man you’d want to meet.

    , thank you. And that’s okay if you have a lot of business and can’t read it all. But thanks anyway.

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    Veraza Winterknight


    I can see that… *side eyes Nicholas*


    @andrew, neat story, so far. I like mysterious old guys with mysterious houses.

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    Andrew Schmidt

    @nuetrobolt, thanks!

    , okay… *glares at Nicholas*

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."


    @andrew, are you going to post the whole story on here? If so, can you please tag me when you post parts? Thanks!

    Your story is yours and no one else's. Each sunset is different, depending where you stand. -A. Peterson

    Andrew Schmidt

    @nuetrobolt, yeah. 🙂 I’ll tag you when I do the different parts.

    And… yes, I’m planning on posting all the parts on here.

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Anne of Lothlorien

    @andrew – This promises to be very cool!!! I love it already!

    And now my mind is running ahead with ideas, like all the animals he has trapped in there are some sort of magic animal or rare creature and he sells them on the black market or something… 🙂 I always start writing other author’s stories for them.

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    Andrew Schmidt

    @anne-of-lothlorien: Thank you…!

    Thank you again!

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Andrew Schmidt

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    Gold mixed with orange, red, and yellow. Silver with blue, white, and purple. Bronze with gray, black, and a rich, dark pink. Colors swirled through the air. Brilliant, vibrant colors. Chloe laughed, rushing through a tropical jungle as fruits, red as rubies, dangled from above.

    Black, flashy owls flapped through the air. Metallic ants crawled across the trees as red-spotted deer grazed in the distance. She came to a stop at a pool, kneeling down to stare at herself in magical blue water.

    She saw her own reflection. Or so she thought… it wasn’t her reflection, but─she gasped! It was her identical twin sister.

    Her eyes flashed open! She leaned forward, shaking away the sleepiness as the dream vanished. That was weird. Gold sunlight poured into the room. She staggered to her feet, and stretched with a yawn. Another day in this kingdom.

    She strode across the room, where she entered into a yellow closet full of all her beautiful and not-so-beautiful dresses.

    “Hmm. What dress should I wear today?” Chloe said to herself. “Well, let’s save the really pretty dresses for special occasions, such as Creation’s Day. I’ll just wear this fine, gray work-dress today. I don’t plan to get dirty, but just in case. I’m going to do some work─and have some fun.”

    She grinned, and pulled out the gray dress. She cast a glance at some other of her fancy dresses before exiting the yellow closet.

    “Chloe!” Allison shouted. “Please come here!”

    Chloe darted through the door, out of her room, to find Allison holding a white envelope with a big red stamp in the center. “What?”

    “I think this letter is from Eric Diego.” She handed it to Chloe. “For you.”

    “Eric Diego,” Chloe repeated the name. “Oh, him. He’s my friend.”

    Chloe opened the envelope, to reveal a letter in quite elegant handwriting. She held it to her face. And then, in her head, began reading:

    This letter is purely meant for you, Chloe Chase. I thought about having a little party. I hope that didn’t sound childish, but being 19 now, I’m going to have it anyway. And I invite you.

    There will be all sorts of fun. Tag. Food. And more. Yes, it is going to be fun; not to mention Creation’s Day coming up.

    It will be 2 days till now, at 6: 30. I can’t wait. Thank you!

    -Your best friend, Eric Diego.

    Chloe closed the letter with a smile. “Well, Allison, I guess I’m going to Eric’s birthday party.”

    “A birthday party!?” came Dominic’s rough voice. “What birthday party, may I ask? I didn’t quite catch the whole thing.”

    Chloe met Dominic’s gaze. “Oh, I’m going to Eric’s birthday party. Two days till now; at 6:30, he said.”

    “Ahah. About just four days before Creation’s Day.” Dominic rose a bushy eyebrow, pushing back a couple gray strands of hair out his emerald green eyes. “So, who’s all going to this birthday part of his…?”

    Chloe paused. “I don’t think Eric would mind if you came over.”

    “Oh, I didn’t want to go. I was just curious.” Dominic winked an eye. “Now I guess I’ll be getting gone to Blake’s.”

    “Alright.” Chloe put the envelope aside. “I guess I’ll be getting gone too! Like a white parrot to the town!”


    “Chloe! Chloe Chase! Over here!”

    Chloe cast a glance over her shoulder to catch a glance at a young man about her age. His wavy, blonde hair was silk as gold and his eyes as bright and blue as jewels. He waved her over, pointing to a wooden building they were making.

    “What do you think of it?” he asked.

    Chloe smiled. “It looks nice.” She paused before realizing who it was. “Oh, and I got your letter by the way, Eric.”

    Eric wiped his hands off on his auburn outfit. “As I hoped.” He flashed a smile before spinning on his heel, laying a pair of calloused hands on his tools.

    Chloe nodded, then continued her walk down the town street of Eldymartt.

    To her right she caught a glimpse of an old woman selling some colorful vegetables. A little boy ran about with a wooden horse in his hand. And a middle-aged man was tilling some ground. The town street seemed to be slowly filling up with people.

    Chloe cast a glance up at a beautiful pink house with gold-covered windows, a door, and even a roof. It was surrounded by a pleasant green garden. Hummingbirds buzzed about as the sun poured down. A fountain of water was surrounded by elegant strands of tall grass. Roses, sunflowers, tulips, daisies, dandelions, black-eyed Susans, and many other colorful beauties were there also. And not just that, but many other exotic plants; such as fly traps and so on. There was some cactuses also. There were also some vegetables and fruits. Cool trees and interesting bushes too. Not to mention all the mushrooms. And that was just the beginning of the garden.

    Only Miss Lucorrel herself could own such a garden as that. Nicholas must have been envious.

    For it was the most beautiful garden in all the town.

    Walking down the street, Chloe spotted a knight in silver arm riding a black horse. Oh, that must be Sir Jaden. The king’s most loyal knight.

    King Killian himself was coming to Eldymartt’s famous festival for Creation’s Day.

    As she continued her walk, her eyes wandered over to the blacksmith’s shop. Master Blake’s shop. Where Dominic Chase worked.

    There seemed to be so many places in Eldymartt. She thought about going to the flower shop (no wonder where Miss Lucorrel got her garden), or maybe even to the woodcarver’s house. At the stone store, where obviously, many polished stones were sold; perhaps should could go there. Or even to that one fire-breathing entertainer!

    But no. That could wait until Creation’s Day. That was to be the best day of year.

    As for right now, she had some work to do.

    “Chloe, you there!” shouted a lady in a tight silver dress. “Why don’t you help us prepare these foods? You were scheduled for ‘Food Preparation’ today.”

    “Food Preparation?” Chloe narrowed her eyes. “I thought I was going to help decorate or something; but it looks like that changed.” She paused. “Anyway. What food this time, Sarah Janson?”

    “There’s all kinds of foods, silly. But since you asked, you’re going to be doing pies.” Sarah pushed back a strand of silver blonde hair. She eyed with her with crystal blue eyes, her face elegant and narrow. “What type of pie do you want to make? Apple? Blueberry? Strawberry? Cinnamon? Chocolate? Beef? Chicken? Pumpkin? Vegetable? I could probably go on and on forever. If you ever went to the Great Pie Show, I swear over one hundred pies have been made.”

    Chloe paused. “I’ll do apple pie. I can still remember Allison making one about nine years ago… when I had just came here.”

    “That’s sweet,” Sarah said. “Now, apple pie? Let’s do the apple pie!”

    Chloe shrugged. “Okay.”


    “So, I’ve heard about your little visit to Nicholas’s yesterday. How’d it go?” Sarah said as she strode across the white marble kitchen.

    Chloe sliced some apples across the counter. “Well… I’m not sure. It wasn’t really fun; but not boring either,” she paused between her words, “it was more─interesting.”

    She recalled the beasts within Nicholas’s mansion. Suspicious.

    “Interesting?” Sarah cast a glance up at some of her spices. “Nicholas didn’t harass you, did he?”

    “Nicholas…,” Chloe repeated the old man’s name. “I’m not exactly if ‘harass’ is the word, but that demanding human being sure was annoying. And he even introduced me to his four granddaughters to me.”

    “Nicholas’s granddaughters?” Sarah rose an eyebrow. “His granddaughters? You mean the Nameless Daughters?”

    “The Nameless Daughters?” Chloe froze. “What in the world? When did they have that title?”

    “They always did, silly.” Sarah lowered a piecrust to the counter. “They say the parents of the Nameless Daughters hated children; so they never even gave their own children a single name. Though later they were given the title: The Nameless Daughters. Fun fact. Yes, I know the parents are horrible people.”

    Chloe considered her words. “Okay… I never knew that.”

    “Anyway, I’m going to be baking a cake,” Sarah paused between her words, “for Eric Diego’s birthday party.”

    Chloe cast a glance up, taking a break from slicing the red apples. “You’re going to his birthday party too?”

    Sarah blew a strand of hair out of her face. “What? Are you jealous?”

    Chloe narrowed her eyes. “N-no, that’s not… that’s…”

    “I’m just kitting, silly!” Sarah laughed. “I didn’t really think you were jealous.”

    Chloe went back to slicing her apples. “Okay.”

    “Well you sure sound optimistic,” Sarah teased. “You always seem so… firm. Not that that’s bad thing. Perhaps you could be firm yet gentle; which you probably are. Or are you just serious? Or are you just really emotional and somewhat bland; which in return causes you to look firm? I hope that made sense. I’m not sure. Perhaps my perceptions could be totally wrong in the first place.”

    After hearing Sarah’s rumble of words, Chloe tried to make sense out of what she just said. “I don’t know exactly what you just said, but I am not bland.”

    “Oh, now you just sound serious.” Sarah filled in a piecrust with apple slices. She laughed to herself. “And by the way, I didn’t really think you were bland. That was just me rumbling and mumbling again.”

    “Okay.” Chloe cast a glance out the window, light filling the room. “So, this cake again?”

    “Yes, the cake!” Sarah paused. “What about it?”

    “How were you planning on decorating it?” She asked.

    “Oh, you’re going to love it!” Sarah grinned. “The icing is going to hold all the colors of the rainbow. Then I will cover the beautiful, big, vanilla cake in delicate designs. And not just that, but it is also going to taste so good that your tongue will fall out. Literally.”

    Chloe rose an eyebrow. “Literally?”

    “Yes! Literally!” Sarah went silent. “Wait a minute. That probably wouldn’t be good. You still need your tongue, don’t you?” She laughed again. “Oh well! Anyway. Eric, you, and all those invited are going to love it!”

    Chloe let out a laugh. “I can’t wait. I’ll be waiting like a rich man’s monkey for her dessert.”

    “Now there’s some enthusiasm!” Sarah shouted. “Oh, and I like how you phrase you words; using animals and such in your speech. You are definitely not bland.” She laughed again. “I CAN’T WAIT!”

    “It is only a couple days till.” Chloe cut up the rest of the apples. She cast a glance up at some of her piecrusts that she had already made. “And not long after that is Creation’s Day.”

    “Yes, I know!” Sarah died laughing, tears forming in her eyes as her cheeks reddened at the laughter.

    Chloe smiled at her partner. Then went back to her work. She clasped her hands together. “And then at Creation’s Day I will meet my twin sister.”

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    Other tags I forgot or possibly misspelled: eden-Anderson @hope-ann @e-b-raulands @mariposa, @kate @wordsmith @scarletimmortalized @I-david

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
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    Misspelled tag! Again!

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    eden anderson


    Hey, that’s okay. 😀

    I think you tagged me at the beginning…but I never got back to you. Sorry about that. 🙁

    Thanks for tagging me and I’d love to read your story, although I’m kinda busy and I may have to drop it in the coming weeks. But still, I’ll read what I have time for! 😀 Is this story just for people to read or do you want some sort of feedback?

    (Ooh, I love your profile pic! It’s so cute.)

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