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    Andrew Schmidt

    So, I’m going to do a little story thingy.

    Chloe and Zoe is a story which I am writing, though not really an action adventure story or anything (its more of one those peaceful stories, except a little less peaceful. I hope that made sense.) But anyway, first I’m going to give you the prologue to read, and then, as I write on, I’ll give you part by part to read – chapter by chapter.

    It is about a little girl named Chloe, and obviously her twin sister Zoe, who were taken away from each other. Though there is much more to that than that; such as their neighbor Nicholas and his mysterious house, the Nameless Daughters, King Killian, and so on. But I won’t say too much, or it’ll spoil it for the real story.

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    Veraza Winterknight


    Ooh! Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to start reading it!

    Andrew Schmidt


    Once, in a land known as Arizokaland, lived two twin girls. Chloe and Zoe were their names, and as for their mother Stephany, they all lived very happily. But everything changed when their mother perished in a carriage, the horses crazy as ever as they trampled off a cliff.

    That moment scarred both the joyful, young, ten-year-old girls’ lives forever. In an orphanage, they only had some time with each other before even they were separated.

    “I’ll have that girl, please,” was the words of tall lady, whom Chloe came to know as Allison Chase. And her husband, Dominic Chase, was also there, a broad, middle-aged man.

    “I’ll miss you,” Zoe wiped back tears from her identically angular, pale face.

    “I’ll miss you, too.” Chloe threw her arms around her sister’s neck. She pushed back a strand of black hair, a sad smile spreading across her lips. “Don’t forget this moment.” She handed her sister a half of a glimmering red crystal. She kept the other half in her own hand. “Remember this moment.”

    “I will.” Zoe sniffed. “I always will.”

    Chloe and Zoe hugged once more, then parted. Straightening out their orange dresses, they then waited as a young knight entered the gray marble room.

    “Chloe, it’s time.” The young man gestured with a hand. “Allison and Dominic Chase are waiting.”

    “And where will Zoe be going?” Chloe asked, wiping a tear from her blue eyes.

    The knight sighed and glanced down at her, then said, “A various individual known as Grandpa Phoenix has arrived. I’m so sorry for your separation, but the time has come.”

    Chloe took in a deep breath. Casting one last glance at her twin sister, she waved goodbye. She forced herself to turn around, then strode out of the building.

    “Oh, there she is.” Allison smiled. “Come along.”

    “Yup, there she is. Quite a beauty, ain’t she?” Dominic chuckled. He clasped his hands on her shoulders. “You are coming with us, now!”

    “Oh, don’t scare the young girl,” Allison sighed. “You’ve only just met her.”

    Chloe cast one last glance behind her back, then held her head high.

    Then, soon after that moment, she visited her new home.

    Her new home in in the Town of Eldymartt.



    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Andrew Schmidt

    @kari-karast, thank you!

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Veraza Winterknight

    Ooh. A knight… and I really like your names for the places!

    Andrew Schmidt

    Oh, sorry I forgot a tag: the-fledgling-artist.

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Andrew Schmidt

    Ahem. Tag: @the-fledgling-artist.

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Andrew Schmidt

    @kari-karast, thank you. 🙂

    I’m planning on having a knight named Sir Jaden… Thank you again!

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Veraza Winterknight

    Sir Jaden… it has a nice ring to it. 🙂

    And your welcome! I’m already interested in the rest of the story.

    The Fledgling Artist

    @andrew Cool beans! 😀 How long did it take you to write this?

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

    Anne of Lothlorien


    Thanks for tagging me!!! This looks awesome. I can’t wait to read it all.

    And I totally get the peaceful story except less peaceful. 😉 Those are some of my favorite kinds of stories.

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    Andrew Schmidt

    @the-fledgling-artist, thanks.

    If I remember correctly, the prologue took around… I’m not sure. I tend to write in spurts, like perhaps a page at a time or whatever. (I also have a time limit on my computer, so…) But it generally doesn’t take that long. 🙂

    , thank you too!

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Andrew Schmidt

    Okay, I happen to be already done with the next chapter… so here goes!

    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    Andrew Schmidt


    Eight years later.

    “Arizokaland!” Chloe shouted, flopping herself on her silken bed. “Another day in this wonderful kingdom.”

    “But don’t forget your work, please. I’ve heard Miss Lucorrel is once again active in her store,” Allison said. “Summer has already come, and she has already sold more than Master Blake, the town’s blacksmith, could in five years! I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, she’s just a much wealthier person, you see.”

    “Miss Lucorrel,” Chloe repeated the elderly woman’s name. “She flounces about like an elegant peacock, fierce as bull, crafty as a serpent, though really is as soft as the tender heart of a child.”

    “Oh please.” Allison shook her head. “She is carrying, but seriously, what you just said was a little too much.” She paused, a pleasant smile creasing her lips. “But anyway, you’re up and work must be done.”

    Chloe frowned, then staggered to her feet. “It’s been about eight years since I first entered this town, or more properly called, Eldymartt.”

    “You make that sound like a bad thing.” Allison sighed.

    “No, I’m not.” Chloe inhaled. “I love this place and really am grateful for your generosity, but do you think Zoe will be able come through this town any time soon?”

    Allison clasped her hands together. “I’ve sent a couple letters to Welmjadin. Perhaps Zoe will get her Grandpa Phoenix’s permission to come down here.”

    “Well, Grandpa Phoenix better let her down here or so help me… I’ll train up a cool, deadly wolf and send it after him.”

    “Oh Chloe, you really should watch your words. Grandpa Phoenix is a man of a tender heart. Of course he’ll let Zoe down here. It isn’t that far from Welmjadin to Eldymartt.”

    Chloe sighed.

    “Now, come along,” Allison said. “There’s work to be done.”

    There was a sudden pounding on the door. They froze.

    “Oh, it’s our neighbor Nicholas again, isn’t?” Chloe exhaled. “What does that demanding human being want this time?”

    Allison strode across the oak room to the black door. Pushing back a strand of silver hair, she opened the door to reveal a slender, old man. He smirked, his green eyes gleaming as always.

    “Hello there, ladies,” Nicholas said with another smirk, this one bigger than before. “You haven’t forgot your deal, have you?”

    “What?” Allison narrowed her eyes for a moment, then, just like that, burst out laughing. “Oh, those candles!?”

    “Yes,” Nicholas purred, wiping back a strand of gray hair from his pale, bony face. “You borrowed some of my furry old fox tails… and now I want those candles in return. They could be used for so many things, couldn’t they, now?”

    “Hmm.” Allison stared at him with a pair of dark blue eyes. “Any other deals you wish to make?”

    “Ahh, yes…” Nicholas turned to Chloe, light flashing off his brilliant yellow outfit. “What would you do for a young one like this for a maiden at my house?”

    Chloe glowered, face reddening at those words. “I’d rather die.”

    “Ahah! Would you, huh?” Nicholas smirked. “Are you sure? Not even for a couple golden coins? Or even some gems?”

    “Nope.” Chloe craned her neck. “I would never serve a moose such as you.”

    “Chloe,” Allison said with a sigh, “do you have to be so rude?”

    “What?” Chloe said, feeling slightly accused. “He’s worse than a rat… or even an inchworm. He’s like a parasite.”

    Nicholas smirked. “I like her. Why doesn’t she just come along, and I’ll show her what a dragon I am.”

    “See, Allison? He claims to be a dragon. And dragons are experts at lying.” Chloe sighed. “Not that true dragons really exist, anymore.”

    Nicholas crossed his frail old arms, turning back to face Allison. “What do you say, Allison Chase? Little Miss Chloe is under your authority, isn’t she? Are you sure you don’t want a fine pouch of golden coins, and possible some sparkling, gorgeous crystals? Hmm? All you have to do is send Chloe right on over here. What do you say, now, Allison?”

    “Uh, how dare you try to tempt my kind stepmother into using me for your ugly sake!” Chloe shouted. “Get out of here! You’re the dumbest, fattest, ugliest man! I have more respect for a dead chicken than you!”

    “Chloe!” Allison put a hand to her forehead. “Young lady, control your temper.”

    “Okay.” Chloe straightened, fingering her purple dress. “Well, can you tell Nicholas to go away now? He’s really starting to irritate me. I don’t mean to sound like a brat or anything, but seriously, that little face of his drives me mad.”

    Nicholas smirked, once again. “Allison… are you sure about this? Gold and gems? How could you resist that? Only Miss Lucorrel, Master Blake, and some of the other rich people of Eldymartt, have such treasures as that? Are you really sure?”

    “Ah, Dominic works at Master Blake’s shop. And he’s a rich person.” Chloe glared. “I am not working at your house. No matter what!”

    She spun on her heal, striding past the door into the house. Then, before Nicholas could utter a word, she slammed the door in his smirking face.

    “Chloe!” Allison shouted, opening the door. “What was that?”

    “What? Nicholas was trying to manipulate me.” Chloe glared the old man’s way. “He’s such an ugly snake. His words are like venom. And that beam in his eyes is as foul as a crow!”

    “Well, I guess that’s Chloe’s words…” Nicholas smirked. “But see, Allison, these words don’t belong to Chloe─they belong to you. You adopted Chloe, she is under your authority. What do you say about bringing her on over here? Just for a day? I’d give you a rich reward.”

    Allison considered Nicholas’s words.

    “Allison!” Chloe shouted, narrowing her eyes. “You aren’t really planning on doing this, are you?”

    Allison’s eyes widened, turning to face Chloe. “Oh, I’m so sorry. But…” She paused. “Can I talk with you?”

    “Ahh, yes,” Chloe replied, following her stepmother into the house once again. She cast an icy glance Nicholas’s way before closing the door. “What is it?”

    “I do not usually do this, but you see, my sweet Chloe, I really need a gift to give Dominic Chase for Creation’s Day. And right now, at this time of the year, we don’t have a whole lot of money.” Allison sighed. “I’m not at all forcing you to work as a maiden at our neighbor’s house, but right now is an opportunity to gain some money. As annoying as Nicholas is, he does have quiet the treasure, after all.”

    Chloe took in a deep breath. “So, you need this money for your husband’s gift at Creation’s Day?”

    “Yes,” Allison replied. “But if you have absolutely no desire in the whole wide world to go work at our annoying neighbor’s house, you do not have to. I just thought this might be a good opportunity, but I’m not forcing you to work at that Nicholas’s house.”

    Chloe faced Allison, that honest gleam in her stepmother’s eyes. “But you still need the money, right?”

    “Yes, dear.” Allison nodded her head. “But like I said, you don’t have to─”

    “But you still need the money?” Chloe sighed. “You have done many kind things for me, and, even if Nicholas is annoying, I’ll get the money for you anyway.”

    Allison stared her way for a moment, then smiled. “Thank you, Chloe. I wasn’t sure if you really wanted to, but thank you so much for doing it anyway.” She paused, then leaned in. “But just saying, if Nicholas causes you any trouble, you tell me… and I’ll go walk right on over there to his very house and do some business.”

    Chloe smiled. “Okay, so now what? Should I go meet that wretched little viper right on the other side of the door?”

    “Yes, Chloe,” was Allison’s reply. “But just saying, try not call so many names.”

    Chloe smiled, striding to the door. But her smile vanished as soon as she touched the golden doorknob. Nicholas better not drive her mad. She then shoved the door open.

    “Come to a decision.” Nicholas smirked. “Have you, now?”

    “Yes, I have.” Chloe glared. “But not for your pleasure… only to get a little money for Allison. She needs a gift to give Dominic for Creation’s Day.”

    “Thank you, Allison. See the glorious reward you shall have as a result of this decision?” Nicholas smirked, ignoring Chloe entirely. “Thank you so much,” his words drooled with pleasure. “Just thank you so much.”

    Disgust covered Chloe’s face. Oh, no. This was going to be the worst of all days.


    The purple pal of water sloshed back and forth, swirling in murky colors. Chloe pressed the darkened sponge against the pale yellow wall of her obnoxious neighbor’s house.

    “Working?” Nicholas peered at her from his polished iron balcony. “I thought so.”

    Chloe glowered, then went back to her work.

    “You know, it’s impolite not to respond to your master’s words.”

    Master?! Chloe’s eyes darted upward in a scowl. “You are not my master.”

    “Of course I am. Right now, anyway.” Nicholas smirked, leaning against the balcony. “But don’t worry, I won’t be bothering you all day. I have other company.”

    Four young ladies giggled their way to Nicholas’s side, laughing in their pretty little dresses.

    “My granddaughters,” Nicholas purred, smirking. “Would you like to meet them?”

    “No.” Chloe glowered. “Now if you will, could you please take your butterflies away so I can do my work?”

    “What did you call me?!” One of the women, a young blonde, screamed in fury. “A butterfly? How dare you! Shut your mouth!” She clenched her fingers, her eyes blue as the salty sea. Her skin was already reddening, lifting the hem of her green dress as she vanished from sight.

    “Sister!” one of the other girls shouted, her voice full of exaggerated emotion. She waved a tendril of brown hair out of her pale face, placing a pair of syrupy brown eyes on Chloe. “Well, that was helpful.” She spun on her heel to Nicholas. “Can you throw her out?”

    “No, she is working as a maiden at our house, dear,” Nicholas replied.

    The brown-haired girl rolled her eyes and threw her nose in the air with a huff, striding away in her flashing blue dress.

    “Well, that was cool. Not every day you see something like that.” One of the girls, this one a ginger, laughed out briefly. She strode away in her yellow dress, casting an elegant silver-eyed glance over her shoulder. “Now goodbye, people.”

    The last girl, standing by Nicholas’s side, peered over the balcony at Chloe and smiled. “It was nice meeting you.” Her eyes flashed a wicked green, blowing a strand of black hair out of her tan face. She strode away just as the others, her dress red and vibrant.

    “Well, like my granddaughters?” Nicholas smirked.

    Chloe’s tongue seemed glued to her mouth. His granddaughters were somewhat… disturbing.

    “Anyway, you’d better be getting to work. Allison wants her reward.” Nicholas smirked, striding away.

    Chloe cringed, her focus again turning to the pal of water by her side. She dipped the sponge into the dirty water and pressed it against the yellow wall, liquid running down her fingers.

    “Yeah, I’ll get the reward,” she mumbled to herself. “But I swear I’ll never visit this house again as a maiden, though.”

    She grabbed the pal and staggered to her feet, moving onto a dirty window, which, surprisingly, was covered in dust for some reason. She moved the sponge across the glass, and continued to do that, until the window was once more glimmering and shimmering as always.

    She was about to move on, then froze.

    She peered through the window into a pale pink room covered in wild grass with water splattered all over the mud-covered, gold floor. And then, to her surprise and somewhat horror, she spotted a huge brown, reticulated python slithering about.

    She gasped, taking a step back. “What in the…” She narrowed her eyes. “Wait a minute. Is this where Nicholas got those fox tails from?”

    She caught a glimpse of several strands of bushy red fox hair. No wonder. She pressed a hand against the glass… then just like that, a strangely colorful bird zapped through the air. A big jungle cat lifted its head, a bear grumbled about, fish splashed in tropical water, a deep wandered about…

    Chloe just took a step back, a bit stunned. It was like a zoo in there. Wait, a zoo! She cast another glance through the window to make sure she wasn’t imagining, but sure enough, it remained the same.

    “Impossible.” Chloe narrowed her eyes. “I must be going mad.” She cast another glance through the window, but all the same, the animals crowded the room… whether in pens, cages, or whatever.

    But when had the rich old Nicholas ever let a single mouse into his mansion?


    “Allison!” Chloe called, collapsing into her purple couch. “I’m back!”

    “Well, isn’t that good to hear.” Allison strode across the room, a broom in her hand as she swept up dust across the floor. “How was your visit to your neighbor’s house like?”

    “Uh…” Chloe paused. “It was… sort of interesting.” She was still a little puzzled about all the animals, though. She turned to Allison, handing her a brown sack of golden coins.

    “Oh my!” Allison gasped. “That’s a whole lot of money!”

    “And here’s a couple crystals that Nicholas handed me.” Chloe dropped three glistening crystals into her stepmother’s hands, glimmering and flashing blue.

    Allison inspected the crystals, then smiled. “Thank you, dear. You have shown my so much kindness.”


    The gold sun was already dropping to the earth.

    Chloe sat on an oak tree, the breeze playing with her hair. It was only a couple days till Creation’s Day. And that was going to be a fun day! And in that very day she was going to the festival, the market, meet her friends─oh, and…

    Meet her twin sister Zoe!


    Random Stranger: "What do you want to do when you grow up?"
    Me: "Write every inch of your future."

    The Fledgling Artist

    @andrew I see!

    "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

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