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    Sarah Inkdragon

    Ohh, this looks fun.

    Kirin: Probably screaming from the city square in the middle of the night about all the injustices in the world. (Or lighting things on fire.)

    Jax: Tax evasion. *cough* Also for being a mercenary dude in general.

    Vyrn: Attacking the guards city guards because they’re taller than her.

    Shadow: (Normally, he’d do the arresting) But for now – bringing his pets into restaurants. Not everyone likes giant-cat hair in their stew.


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    Livi Ryddle

    @kari-karast It’s all good! I’m generally ok with mild to moderate violence if it’s written. I did watch the first Jaws movie, so… XD I should be ok lol. But thank you for the warning!

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    Livi Ryddle

    @sarah-inkdragon Oh my goodness Kirin and Vyrn XD ahahahah

    *in a whisper to them* …..I completely understand the feeling, you guys………

    “Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"

    Sam M

    Travis: being a vigilante. His excuse: supposedly, because cruel people who persecute the weak deserve to be punished. Also, possibly, because a killer in his city is targeting a criminal group that one of his parents started  and he wants to protect his family (I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to go with this part of the plot…).

    Dante: for being a killer/crime boss. Excuse: revenge for his dad’s murder.

    Lauren: withholding information from the police. Excuse: protecting a friend.

    Kaz: working for a crime boss. Excuse: the crime boss threatened to hurt people he cared about if he didn’t work for him.

    Judah: aiding and abetting a known vigilante. Also, withholding information from the police. Excuse: seeking to stop a killer, protecting said vigilante.

    Duke: working for a crime boss and killing people. Excuse: same as Kaz’s, basically.


    @naiya-dyani Hmm,never thought of what my character would get arrested for. Neat idea.

    Let’s see . . .

    Dayton Fraiser–Crime: Domestic violence and slander. Exucse: She hates Jared Palmer, another member of her fire crew and would do anything to get him to stop telling her about this God he worships . . . and how much he loves her.

    Alan Bolt:–Crime: Breaking into someone’s car, vandalism, and defacing of private property. Excuse: He only meant it to be a practical joke on Dayton. She was getting on his nerves. He didn’t realize that it might backfire.

    Jackson Ford–Crime: Reckless driving, disregard of traffic lights and stop signs, manslaughter.
    Excuse: Probably forgot he wasn’t always behind the wheel of a firetruck when driving. Or maybe something happened to Jamie . . .

    Jim Smith–Crime: Assault and murder and/or manslaughter. Excuse: Really none, but he probably became furious while defending someone from a criminal or finding Drew, William and their cronies ding something REALLY bad.

    Megyn Harris–Crime: Depends which country she was arrested in, like if in China, she probably would be arrested for being a Christian, distribution of Bibles and tracts, witnessing to people, etc. If over here, trespassing, assault and murder and/or manslaughter.  Excuse: If for being a Christian, no excuse except her loyalty was to a Higher Government and she must obey Him. If for trespassing, assault and perhaps murder (she have to be really angry and adrenaline charged to kill someone) , she probably was trying to rescue one of her friends..

    William Cunningham–Crime: LOTS OF THEM–too many to be mentioned. Excuse: Would go all the way to when he was a boy in England. Blame it all on his father who he wrecked their family, forcing William to provide for the family, which led to underhandedness to earn enough, which led to having to run away from England . . . (and the list goes on)

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    Emberynus The Dragonslayer

    @naiya-dyani, @urwen-starial, @kari-karast @dakota Alright, Alright- I’ll see if I can do this. . . LOL 🙂

    These may or may not actually happen in my stories! 😉

    Cade: Reckless driving, failure to or improper signal, disregard of traffic laws, manslaughter; Because he was distracted by the passenger.

    Adair: murder, theft, assault with a deadly weapon, disregard of traffic laws, resisting arrest, slander and a whole bunch more; because she’s a criminal

    Crecia: (from a creepy dystopian world) evading government agents, aiding a rebel, smuggling contraband, treason, slander, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, breaking someone out of prison; Because, well. . . that would give away way to much of the story!! If I told you I’d have to kill you and then I’d be arrested!!  🙂







    Sold souls and dead promises


    @emberynus-the-dragonslayer Ha ha! Very funny! 😉

    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.


    Jay: Entering restricted area, dropping out of the army (which he was forced to join), assisting in the killing of a dragon, resisting arrest, being the chosen one, and trying to attack the main villain.

    Xavier: Being dragged into restricted area by Jay, being forced to drop out of the army with Jay, resisting arrest, and being alive when everyone thought he was dead (that’s a great offence, you know.)

    Yarden: Rebelling. Breaking his word, as is the custom in dragon culture. Resisting arrest. Entering restricted area. He was told by the authority that he was perfectly welcome to do these things, but after doing them, the authority changed his mind.

    Vromidon: Flying up a waterfall. Being a threat. Being a dragon.

    Ulgrundu: Being too weak to really fight, and deceiving all his people.

    Nuetrobolt: Interfering in criminal cases, saving police officers from death, using super powers when on restriction, and other activities that the police want to do themselves without help from some superhero.

    Aleck: Theft, murder, running away from legal guardian

    Bailie: running away from legal guardian, learning illegal skills

    Malcom Ace: using restricted artifacts. Allowing his family to keep him from becoming truly evil. I’m hesitating about including trying to take over the world here. Most people endorse his taking over the world.

    Vip: Using portals, not following Rvegene rules, passing on secret information to commoners, and if being too small to be the chosen warrants an arrest, that would certainly be on the list.

    Me: Murdering characters and putting them through indescribable torment (I mean, it is describable, but its taking me many books to do so.) This is the character me, not the real me, I should mention.

    Merungi: Failing his duty (and the enemies would arrest him for being a threat as well).


    I never realized how evil my character were. Its kind of sad. All this time I thought they were heroes. 🙁

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    Wow, we all have a rebellious bunch of characters, don’t we? XD

    Daisy: Tax evasion

    Ron: A truly diverse sampling of thievery and general foolishness

    Fensby: threatening people with knives and other pointy objects. Claims she wouldn’t have had to if they had “been reasonable.” Ron was been quoted as saying “I was being perfectly reasonable!”

    Blue: reports simply say “mad science”

    Griffin: kidnapping, pirating, attempted murder, and heinous amounts of jaywalking


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    Naiya Dyani

    I love everyone’s outlaw characters. XD

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    Emberynus The Dragonslayer

    @dakota Why’s that so funny?!!


    Sold souls and dead promises


    @emberynus-the-dragonslayer Nothing. I just find you HUMOROUS! 🙂

    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.

    Shannon Caeley

    Ooh, this is fun!

    The Flavius Kids:

    Peregrine: Not speaking up when he saw that crook steal a piece of jewelry, thereby making himself an accomplice of the crime.

    Aquila: Hitting the police officer who arrested Peregrine…she’s not violent, just protective.

    Orson: Not returning a library book in time? I don’t know he’s a good kid.

    Silvia: Breaking something valuable…it doesn’t matter what, she’s good at breaking things poor child.


    (Also hi @ncstokes! let’s see if you remember me XD )

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    Emberynus The Dragonslayer

    @dakota Why thank you!

    Sold souls and dead promises


    @shannon Why, of course I remember you! Your characters sound like a hoot. (Silvia sounds very relatable, lol.)

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