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    Sorry, I disappeared for a while too!

    Let’s see . . .

    Wearing masks during the pandemic:

    Dayton: wears one when and while she absolutely HAS TO, then promptly takes it off

    Alan: always forgets his at home – uses whatever he can use/find.

    Jack: wears one so no one else is uncomfortable

    Rob: Same reason

    Joe: Same

    Micheal: HATES wearing one but does it because Rob told him to

    Jim: Tries not to go out – wears a bandana when he needs to

    Megyn: wears one where required and around people she knows would be uncomfortable if she didn’t.


    Types of masks they would own (whether or not they wore it):

    Dayton: simple black with firefighting emblem on it

    Alan: One that’s says “If you like weird people, then let’s be friends” with a big smiley face!

    Jack: One that has says, “sarcastic comment loading, please wait”

    Rob: expressionlessly white or black

    Joe: probably just a regular mask

    Micheal: either one with the Irish flag or one that says “I love lucky charms”

    Jim: A red bandana

    Megyn: One that says, “Grateful”. Maybe one that says “O.C.D – Obsessive Cello Disorder”


    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.

    Urwen Starial

    Well, everyone, it’s been a while, but I’m back, and here’s some memes for y’all. 😀


    Jin: What the heck are you doing up there?
    Kirat, sitting on the table: I pay rent and I can sit wherever I like in my own house, thanks.

    Jin, sighing: Where’s the spider?

    Kirat: It’s over by the door, can you please. . .?

    Ri: I live in constant fear that someone will kill my father, Xadier, who lives at 15416, Neverfall Crest near Crown Hill. Keeps the door unlocked, can’t miss it.


    Dither: Last year, I lost my dear friend, Aera, to the war.

    Aera: Quit telling everyone I’m dead!
    Dither: Sometimes I can still hear his voice.


    Ri: I sort of did something and I need your advice. But I don’t want any judgement or criticism.

    Dark: And you came to me?

    Clear: I’m not mad.

    Clear, grits teeth, clearly irritated: Merely slightly irritated.


    Castelia: That’s it! You’re all grounded! Ri, no puns for you. Onyx, no coffee for you. And Clear. . . Oh my gosh, is there anything that you love?

    Clear: Revenge.

    Castelia: No vengeance for you.

    Clear: I was going to say “I’ll get you for this,” but I guess that’s off the table.


    Genesis: Everywhere I look, I see death and destruction.

    Clear: Probably because you’re the one causing it!


    Clear: I got my mom’s attitude, and my dad’s temper, and they’re still getting mad at me for literally being THEM.

    “Tears sparkle like fallen stars, the world at our fingertips, We didn’t know, It wasn't happiness.

    Urwen Starial

    @naiya-dyani @dakota @emberynus-the-dragonslayer @esmeralda-gramilton

    Ri: *rummaging through his closet* I don’t have anything to wear, what should I change into?

    Clear, from across the hall and beyond two doors: A better person.


    Dark: Your boyfriend is dumb.

    Cloudy: Ri literally got his croc stuck in an escalator and started crying, insisting that your needed to call the fire department because he thought his foot was going to explode.



    Dark: My future partner must be of the utmost logical mindset and-

    Ri: [trips over a potted plant and then apologizes to it]

    Dark: I want that one.



    Fade: In, come over.

    In: I can’t, I’m hiding a body.

    Fade: Illumina isn’t here.

    In: . . . I know.

    “Tears sparkle like fallen stars, the world at our fingertips, We didn’t know, It wasn't happiness.


    @naiya-dyani Tai sounds like a riot! Vines are the best. xD

    I say I won’t buy any more books until I’ve finished the ones I have, and then I laugh at myself.

    Naiya Dyani

    @anne_the_noob14 @esmeralda-gramilton @dakota @urwen-starial @law0413

    Time for another . . .

    If my guy characters were roommates:

    Tai to Gerik: you’re a terrible roommate and nobody likes you

    Dari: Let’s try phrasing it this way: “When you do this, it makes me feel this.” 🙂

    Tai: Ok. . . When you. . . live here. . . it makes me feel. . . angry. Because you’re a terrible roommate and nobody likes you.

    Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.



    Thanks for being the one to bring this thread back to life! 🙂 I <3  Tai!

    Let’s see about this . . . (this was completely off the top of my head. If it’s bad, I’m sorrry. 🙁

    If my guy characters were roommates (let’s do this with Alan and Jack):

    *both come bursting through the door, sweaty and worn out from fighting a fire*

    Alan: *stumbles over the rug and falls flat on his face*

    Jack: *looks down* *Yawns* “Did the rug try to bite you again?”

    Alan: *yawning* “No. It just wanted a hug. It missed my feet walking on it.”

    Jack: *gives him a slap on the back* “I’ll be in the kitchen.”

    Alan: *From the other room* “Okay. Just don’t step on me tomorrow. This hug is going to last all night.”

    Jack: *mutters to himself as he slumps half-asleep against the counter* “Poor kid.”

    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.

    Livi Ryddle


    XD Tai lololol


    Awww poor babies… they need hugs 🙁


    Hmm let’s see… (It’s long, sorry XD )

    If my characters lived in the same house:

    Greyl in the morning: “Who put dirt in the coffee maker, and why?”

    Marek: “Me. I wanted to give it a more earthy flavor.”

    Greyl: “I will kill you. And it will be a slow and painful death.”

    Greyl: *chases Marek around kitchen with coffee mug*

    Stilton: *bursts in from outside*


    Marek: “That was also me!” *vaults over a chair, narrowly escaping Greyl’s mug*

    Stilton: *seething*

    Stilton: *grabs his garden trowel and joins Greyl chasing Marek*

    Dharin: *in chair in the corner, feet on the table, leaning chair back on two legs*

    Dharin: *sips ale and watches, clapping whenever Marek gets hit with the mug or shovel*


    Kylian: *opens book again, turns page, discovers someone wrote “books r stoopid” all over the page*

    Kylian: …


    Kylian: *joins Stilton and Greyl, who are still chasing Marek*

    Werrley: *flutters down the stairs*

    Werrley: “What’s going on?”

    Dharin: “Eh, they’re just goofing off.”

    Werrley: “Are you sure? They all look mad, except Marek. He looks delighted.”

    Dharin: “That’s just how he is. Loves a fight. Here, join me and help finish these scones.”

    Werrley: “Gwendolyn was saving those for her own breakfast…”

    Dharin, mouth full of scones: *muffled* “Woobs. Ah eeden’t ohw hat.”

    Gwen: *comes downstairs, rubbing her eyes*

    Gwen: *stops and stares at the mess before her – Greyl, Stilton, and Kylian, hitting Marek with a mug, a shovel, and a book, respectively, Dharin eating her scones*

    Gwen: ………………………………………………

    Gwen: >:(

    “Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"


    @anne_the_noob14 If you want to give ’em hugs, go ahead

    Alan: *leaps up off the floor* “Wait! What!??”

    Jack: *a faint red stains his cheeks*

    BTW, your post was HILARIOUS!!!

    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.


    Quick sum up

    Auryon: Spunky Hunter gal (Elias’s wife, Mal and Wes’s niece) [Luke’s adoptive sis, Mal’s adoptive daughter]

    Luke: Laid back tank (Mal and Wes’s nephew) [Aury’s adoptive bro, Mal’s adoptive son]

    Mal: Leader of the Hunter team (Aury and Luke’s uncle, Wes’s brother, Sera’s husband) [Luke and Aury’s adoptive dad]

    Wes: Immature (Mal’s brother, Aury and Luke’s uncle; flirts with Jane)

    Jane: Mom friend (Wes’s crush)

    Fawkes: Watches the chaos around him (Alena’s husband)

    Alena: Exasperated healer (Fawkes’s wife)

    Elias: Hyperactive firecrafter (Aury’s husband, Levi’s (half-)brother, Carm’s bff) [Carm’s adoptive bro]

    Levi: Anxiety boi (Phelie’s bf, Eli’s (half-)brother)

    Ophelia: Empath (Levi’s gf)

    Kindra: Precious tiny witch with Rapunzel hair (Sylvain’s wife, Tom’s bff) [Tom’s adoptive sis, Sera’s adoptive daughter]

    Thomas: Chill shapeshifter (Kindra’s bff) [Kindra’s adoptive bro]

    Seraphine: Mom friend werewolf (Mal’s wife) [Kindra’s adoptive mom]

    Sylvain: Loner wereowl (Kindra’s husband, Cyrene’s brother) [Carm’s other adoptive bro]

    Cyrene: Perky wereowl coffee shop barista (Sylvain’s sister)

    Carmilla: Perky vampire assassin (Elias’s bff, Zeric’s gf) [Sylvain and Eli’s adoptive sis]

    Zeric: Vampire who was once abused (Carm’s bf)

    Jemmanine: Aloof enchantress (Rachne’s (adopted) sis, Naya’s gf)

    Arachnea: Chaotic good (Jem’s (adopted) sis, Will’s gf)

    Wilder: Lonely boi (Rachne’s bf)

    Naya: Raised by a cult, constantly confused (Jem’s bf)


    "Remember, you go nowhere by accident. Wherever you go, God is sending you." - Rev. Peter R. Hale


    WARNING – This will be long


    Auryon: Why are Phelie and Levi sitting like that?
    Elias: They had a fight.
    Auryon: Then why are they holding hands?
    Elias: Phelie gets sad when they fight.

    Phelie: Truth or dare?
    Levi: Truth
    Phelie: How many hours’ sleep have you had this week?
    Levi: Dare
    Phelie: Go to sleep

    Will: What did you guys get in your yearbook?
    Wes: Prettiest smile
    Jane: Nicest personality.
    Aury: Most likely to start a bar fight.
    Luke: Least likely to start a bar fight, most likely to win one.

    Mal: Name one mean thing I have done ever
    Wes: You convinced me that eggs weren’t real

    Carmilla: Has anyone told you that they loved you?
    Zeric: Do my parents count?
    Carmilla: Yes.
    Zeric: Then no.

    Mal: If a dead ancestor doesn’t appear in the sky to stop me, it can’t be that bad of a decision.

    Jane: You’re so annoying.
    Wes: Then stop holding my hand.
    Jane: No.

    Mal: Remember these three words: Don’t argue
    Aury: That’s two words
    Mal: You’re already failing.

    Jane: We’re adults.
    Wes: When did this happen?
    Mal: And how do we make it stop?

    Mal: I’m going to bed, it’s been a long day.
    Sera: You’ve been up for three hours.

    Phelie: Ugh, I’m so tired.  I didn’t get any sleep last night.
    Aury: You know, if you can’t sleep it usually means someone is thinking about you.
    Phelie: Who would be thinking about me at 3 am?
    Levi: *silent panic*

    Thomas: I mean, small creatures are way more vicious.  It’s because their anger has less space to be bottled up.
    Sylvain: Ridiculous.  Give me one example of this.
    Carmilla: Spiders.
    Cyrene: Wasps.
    Seraphine: Terriers.
    Thomas: Kindra.

    Mal, seeing people do something idiotic: Oh Lord what idiots
    Mal, realizing it’s Wes and Luke: Oh no those are my idiots

    Phelie: Do you even get enough sleep?
    Levi: Well, my eyes close when I sneeze.

    Sera: I hope you have a really good explanation for this.
    Mal: Actually, I have three.  Pick your favorite.

    Wes: What can I say?  I’m charming and irresponsible.
    Jane: You mean irresistible.
    Wes: No.

    Luke: This is a bad idea.
    Wes: There are no bad ideas.  Only good ideas gone horribly wrong.

    Mal: Guys, I think we have a problem.
    Elias: What, the fire?
    Mal: No, the – wait.  What fire?
    Elias: Forget it, this sounds more interesting.

    Aury: Vodka for me and… a juicebox for him
    Elias: Aury I’m an ADULT
    Elias: I can order my OWN juicebox

    Elias: I promised Aury we wouldn’t do anything stupid!
    Luke: Why would you lie to your wife like that?

    Sylvain: What was that?
    Kindra: My shirt fell
    Sylvain: It was heavier than that.
    Kindra: I was in it.

    Elias: Okay, I’ll start teaching you how to cook today.
    Auryon: I don’t know what happened but I burned the water.

    Kindra: You have no idea what I’m capable of!!
    Thomas: I feel like I’m being threatened by a cupcake.

    Mal: When have I done something irresponsible?
    Auryon: We keep a list.
    Luke: It’s alphabetized.

    Elias: Don’t worry.  I have this completely under control.
    *explosion sounds*
    Elias: Ignore that.

    Mal: Here’s a list of things that are wrong with you.
    Sera: There’s nothing on it…?
    Mal: I know

    Auryon: My mom used to say the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach.
    Elias: Sounds quaint.
    Aury: She couldn’t cook.

    Jane: I know we don’t always see eye to eye on things…
    Wes: That’s because you’re too short.

    Phelie: I’m having boy problems.
    Aury: Remember, easiest way to any man’s heart is between fourth and fifth rib.

    Kindra: *eating a cinnamon roll*
    Thomas: Cannibalism
    Kindra: *confused chewing noises*

    Elias: Aury, I know you’re mad at me right now.  But years later you’ll remember this moment and you’ll laugh.
    Auryon: Everytime I remember this moment I’ll come to your house and punch you.

    Jane: Say no to drugs.
    Wes: Say yes to drugs.
    Mal: It doesn’t matter what you tell drugs.
    Mal: Because if you’re talking to drugs, you’re doing drugs.

    Elias: Why do my jackets keep disappearing?
    Auryon, wearing one: I wonder

    Sera: Wait, are you saying you’d die for me?
    Mal: I’d do anything for you my love.
    Mal: Except the chores.

    Elias: We should hold hands
    Elias: For…safety reasons
    Aury: Yeah sure

    Reid (Aury and Elias’s son): Mommy married you
    Elias: Yeah?
    Reid: Why?
    Auryon: No one knows

    Wes: Can you answer some questions without the usual level of sarcasm?
    Mal: If you can ask the questions without the usual level of stupid.

    Wes: Don’t correct me!
    Jane: Don’t be wrong

    Aury: If someone points at your black clothes and asks you whose funeral it is, a look around the room and a casual “haven’t decided yet” is always a good response.

    Levi’s brain: Don’t let her know how awkward you are
    Phelie: Nice weather
    Levi: Thanks

    Jane: I wake up with a headache every morning.
    Wes: *enters room*
    Jane: It’s here again.
    Mal: Funny, I have the same headache sometimes.

    Wes: Can I say something that will probably annoy you?
    Jane: Since when do you ask for permission?

    Elias: Words ending in ‘ie’ are so cute.  Cookie, sweetie, cutie..
    Aury: Die…

    Mal: In your opinion, what is the height of stupidity?
    Jane: *turns to Wes*
    Jane: How tall are you?
    Wes: 6’3″, why?

    Wes: Are you the sun?  Because you light up my world.
    Jane: Are you a storm?  Because when you disappear, it’s a beautiful day.

    Wes: Must you always attack me with words?
    Jane: Do you prefer spells?

    Jane: What’s our plan?
    Mal: Not get killed?

    Mal: I never make the same mistake twice.
    Sera: He’s right.  He does it 6 or 7 times.

    Wes: Am I in trouble?
    Mal: Have a guess.
    Wes: No?
    Mal: Have another guess.

    Elias: Auryon and I–
    Phelie: Are getting married?
    Elias: No, we–
    Phelie: Sit down, I’ve planned everything.

    Sera: I just want to hear those three little words.
    Mal: I love you.
    Sera: Try again.
    Mal: *grumbling* I will behave.

    Sera: All you have to say is you made a mistake.
    Mal: For the last time, I like my coffee with salt.

    Wes: Jane, are you ever going to listen to me?
    Jane: Yes.  Absolutely.
    Wes: When?
    Jane: When you’re right.

    Wes: *to Jane* I apologize for not doing a better job of pretending I was listening to you.

    Mal: *to Aury and Luke* I’m the one who got us into this mess, so I’ll be the one who gets us much, much deeper into this mess.

    Aury: Get up, we’re going.
    Elias: Where?
    Aury: To save the world.
    Elias: Oh, is that all?

    Levi: I think, therefore I am not sure.

    Phelie: It’s entirely possible to be relaxed and extremely uneasy at the same time.
    Levi: No it isn’t…?
    Phelie: You do it all the time.

    Wes: Marry me.
    Jane: You’re insane.
    Wes: So?  Marry me anyway.

    Auryon: Where ther is smoke, there is a fire.  And where there is a fire, there is probably Elias.

    Levi: I have trust issues with myself.

    Arachnea: *to Mal* Okay, I know you’re mad, but before you say anything… Yes, we screwed up.  And yes, you warned us.  And yes, I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I do know this: I have reached the end of my sentence.

    Levi: *trying to ask out Phelie* Do you eat?  I do.  Want to do it in the same room sometime?

    Elias: Here’s what I know about women: they confuse and terrify me.

    Elias: *to Aury* You look so hot when you find me annoying.

    Wes: *to the team* I know nobody asked for my advice…
    Mal: Yet you’re talking.
    Wes: …but I agree with Mal.
    Mal: Let’s hear him out.

    Wes: My head hurts.
    Jane: That’s your brain trying to comprehend its own stupidity.

    Luke: Don’t worry, no other guy in this town is ever gonna ask Auryon out.
    Elias: Why not?
    Luke: Because Aury is terrifying.

    Sera: Be careful.
    Mal: Aren’t I always?
    Sera: No, I think the word for how you usually are is ‘reckless’.

    Arachnea: Life would be simpler if only we were all unicorns.

    Aury: I worry that my son will grow up before my husband does.

    Jane: *to Mal and Wes* Gentlemen, I wash my hands of this weirdness.

    Elias: How did you find me?
    Aury: Oh, I saw a huge explosion and wondered: now, who could that be?

    Luke: *to Elias* It was a trap after all.  My apologies for doubting your sound paranoia.

    Mal: *to Wes* Do us a favor.  I know it’s difficult for you, but pleas, stay here and try not to do anything stupid.

    Aury: You’re, um…
    Elias: Intimidating?  Awe-inspiring?
    Luke: On fire.

    Mal: Aury has a new boyfriend.
    Wes: That’s great.
    Wes: If he breaks her heart I break his neck.
    Mal: We’ll take turns.

    Wes: So…you’re dating a werewolf now.
    Mal: That is the case, yes.
    Wes: …does that mean you’re into animals now?
    Mal: I will kill you.  Violently.

    Naya: I was told my lightning was a gift given by God.
    Elias: I can verifiably tell you your lightning was a gift given by one of your ancestors hooking up with a White Court fae.
    Naya: …
    Jane: Hey, you’re not the only one.  We may even be related.
    Naya: . . .

    Jane: *puts her hand above her head*  I have had it up to HERE with the short jokes!
    Wes: That’s not very high, you know.
    Jane: That’s it!  Luke, put your hand above your head.
    Luke: *complies*
    Jane: I’ve had it up to THERE!

    Arachnea: Q is too high up in the alphabet.  I respect it but it has no place between P and R.  Should be at the end with all the weird/goth letters.
    Mal: For the last time Rachne all you need to say for roll call is “here”.

    Arachnea: One of my favorite games to play is “is my headache from dehydration, caffeine withdrawal, lack of nutrition, my ponytail, stress, lack of sleep or a brain tumor?”.
    Elias: I’m no detective, but could it have been because you just fell down three flights of stairs?

    Arachnea: …so you see, the ocean is technically a soup because it has salt, veggies, meat, and it’s heating up.
    Levi: All I asked for was your name…

    Arachnea: No one would want lettuce as their last meal.  For example, my last meal *pulls package out of her pocket* is gonna be Twizzlers.
    Will: You just keep those in your pocket?
    Arachnea: We face death every day.  I gotta be prepared to go out on my own terms.

    Thomas: Hey what’s the name of the guy who lives two houses down?
    Kindra: His cats’ names are Walter and Rose.
    Thomas: That’s not what I asked.
    Kindra: That is the information I have.

    Auryon: What did I tell you about lying?
    Reid: That it only works on Dad.

    Mal: Tired has become a personality trait of mine.

    Jem: I like the way we say “oh man” to express disappointment.
    Jem: Because men are, in fact, disappointing.

    Teacher: Your son got into a fight today.
    Elias: Is he okay?
    Auryon: Did he win?

    Reid: Can we go to a haunted house this Halloween?
    Elias: What’s wrong with the one we live in?
    Reid: …wait, what?
    Aury: Goodnight.

    Auryon: You know I think it’s about time we took a vacation a real honeymoon.
    Elias: I think you’re right, but who’s gonna babysit Reid for us?
    *Flames flare up and turn green*
    *Arachnea drops in from the chimney*
    Arachnea: I’ll babysit.
    Elias: Rachne what the heck.

    Kindra: Bad news – Dominick locked his keys in his office.
    Kindra: Good news – we didn’t have to wait for a locksmith.
    Kindra: Bad news – Dominick found it concerning that I know how to pick locks and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory.  I didn’t want to tell him that I learned it because when I was thirteen I thought it was the kind of skill that would impress hot people.
    Kindra: Good news – a hot person saw me do it.
    Kindra: Bad news – it was Thomas and since he’s seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too darn small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, he’ll never think I’m cool no matter what.  It’s too late.  He knows.

    Rachne: You look like my first husband.
    Will: *very confused* You’ve been married before?
    Rachne: *smiling* No.

    Mal: Wes hasn’t stopped staring through the window since the storm started.
    Mal: I suppose I should let him in.

    Elias, at five am: Oh, good morning.  Didn’t know you’re an early bird.
    Levi: I’m not, I’m heading to bed now.

    Jane: How many children do you have?
    Mal: Biologically, emotionally, or legally?

    Wes: People treat me like an idiot, so I’m allowed to act like one from time to time.  It’s one of the perks.

    Elias: I hate when Auryon says, “Are you even listening to me?”.  It’s such a random way to start a conversation.

    Elias: Just ask Phelie out already.  The worst she can say is “no”.
    Levi: Yeah, but that would be devastating.

    Elias: Well, just to play Devil’s advocate –
    Arachnea: Don’t you think the Devil has enough advocates?

    Levi: Not dealing with things is my preferred way of dealing with things.

    *On a plane*
    Stewardess: Are you travelling for business or pleasure?
    Auryon: Combat.

    Will: You have a favorite number?
    Arachnea: Umpteen.  It’s a weird one, isn’t it?  Sounds big, but it’s in the teens, so it’s small.

    Elias: *to Arachnea* Okay, for what I hope is the last time, but will assume is not the last time, this prank does not involve fire.

    Jem: Don’t you ever say anything encouraging?
    Jane: I encourage you not to die.

    Arachnea: *to Levi* Don’t touch anything.  You’re very handsome, but you seem clumsy.

    Elias: If one more person says I’m too dramatic, I’m going to light myself on fire.

    "Remember, you go nowhere by accident. Wherever you go, God is sending you." - Rev. Peter R. Hale


    @skylarynn Welcome to the craziness! 🙂

    Let’s see . . .

    Jamie: *eating a cinnamon roll*
    Jack and Alan: *walk into the room*
    Jack: *shakes his head with an absolute straight face* “Look at that, Alan my good man. Cannibalism. *shakes his head* “It runs rampant in this establishment.”
    Jamie: *confused chewing noises*


    Jack: In your opinion, what is the height of stupidity?
    Dayton: *turns to Alan* How tall are you?
    Jack: That’s on his resume. You have it your office.
    Alan: 6’4″, why?


    Alan: *sitting on top a ladder truck, talking to his phone* People treat me like an idiot, so I’m allowed to act like one from time to time. *sips a latte* It’s one of the perks of being a celeb idiot. That and getting yelled at by such a prominent fire chief as Dayton Fraiser. *sips latte again* Awwh, it’s a good life.


    Alan: *trying to ask out Jamie* Do you eat? I do. Want to do it in the same room sometime?
    Jamie: We do it all the time.
    Alan: *Wide-eyed, holding his breath* We do??
    Jamie: Yeah, at lunch break, though usually you and Jack sit on top of the table, instead of in chairs.
    Alan: *downcast* “Oh,  . . . yeah . . .


    Dayton: *to Jack and Alan* Gentlemen, I wash my hands of this absurdity.
    Alan: *stands on his head on top of the ladder truck* What absurdity?

    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.


    I made a meme instead of doing my homework…enjoy

    I say I won’t buy any more books until I’ve finished the ones I have, and then I laugh at myself.


    This is absolutely genius! I’ve been mentally doing this for a really long time. I mean… memes totally count as character development! Right?


    Sahar: We’re playing Scrabble. It’s a nightmare.

    Liorah: Scrabble? Scrabble’s great!

    Sahar. Not when you’re playing with Acyn. He uses words like “ephemeral”. I put “dog”.


    Sahar: You know what they say, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Gavril: And probably Liorah.

    Gavril: She would start the fire.


    Liorah: What would you do if I was kidnapped?

    Acyn: Nothing.

    Gavril: Wait 30 minutes until they let you go voluntarily.


    Regent Emet: Your Highness, we need to talk about your professionalism.

    Liorah, standing on a chair: Those are some mighty brave words for a man standing in lava.


    Liorah: I’m so useless.

    Sahar: No, you’re not.

    Acyn: You can be used as a bad example.


    Sahar: What are you going to do?

    Liorah: I don’t know, something dramatic, I hope.


    Sahar: Is there a word that’s a mix between angry and sad?

    Acyn, without looking up: Malcontent, disgruntled, miserable, desolated.

    Liorah: Smad.

    Ferran: There are two kinds of people.


    Ziyad: Aren’t you a damsel in distress?

    Liorah: I’m a damsel. I’m in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day!


    This was so much fun, great idea!


    Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?


    @rose-colored-fancy LOL, right? And it’s a lot of fun!


    This one is what my life is like sometimes  . . . very. confusing.
    Megyn, when like 10
    *studying a piece of music, nose crinkled in a cute frown*
    Candy (age 9): “What ya working on??”
    Megyn: *Absent-mindedly* This piece.
    Candy: *puzzled* Piece of what?
    Megyn: “Music.”
    Candy: “What’s a piece of music?”
    Megyn; “A note.”
    Candy: “Ooh! A note to WHO? Is it a love note?!”
    Megyn: *didn’t realize what she said* “A flat . . .”
    Candy: *now very confused* “Who’s flat or what?”
    Megyn: *coming to earth *”What?”
    Candy: “What’s flat?”
    Megyn: “This note.”
    Tisha: * who’s been brilliantly deducting with Sherlock Holmes* “All notes are flat, if they’re written on paper.”
    Megyn: *now very confused* “No-wait. What are we talking about??”
    Candy: “Never mind this is too confusing.”
    Megyn: “Ok-ay. . . ” goes back to her music.
    Candy: skips out of the room, shuddering “Musicans!”
    Tisha: *audible eye roll*

    Later in her life . . .
    Megyn: *eating a cinnamon roll*
    Jeremy: *sits down at the table across from her* “Thought you said you were breaking your habit of cannibalism, Kiddo.”
    Megyn: *confused chewing noises* *cocks her head at him*
    Jeremy: *winks*
    Megyn: *blushes*


    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.

    Kylie S. Pierce

    Hehe! I have had so much fun reading these.

    *Contemplates for a moment* Do I know my characters well enough to do this? *Contemplates further* Why not? *Shrugs*

    (I’m just gonna steal yours…)

    Ruse: *gets a knife*

    Everyone else: *gasps* Ruse, no!

    Ruse: *opens a box with it*

    Everyone else: *sighs in relief*

    Ruse: *pulls out a gun*

    Everyone else: Oh no


    Ruse: *waits around corner to startle Teaghan*

    *shadow appears*

    Ruse: *jumps out and yells*

    Shaye: *drops books*

    Ruse: Oops. *runs*


    Shaye: *finishes a long, serious discussion* So. . . what do you think I should do?

    Ruse: *looks up from a juice pouch he has been trying to stab with a straw for the past ten minutes* Huh?

    Shaye: why am I friends with you

    Teaghan: *sitting in the corner, sharpening her knife* *simultaneously reading a sci-fi book* Because we got forced together on a quest to save the world.

    Shaye and Ruse: … How long has she been there?


    Aisling (my MC): Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you’d lost throughout your life.

    Teaghan: Oh wow, my childhood innocence, thank you for finding this!

    Shaye: My will to live, I haven’t seen this in 9 years!

    Daisy: I knew I lost that potential somewhere! (Everybody else: DAISY!!!!! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT ABOUT YOURSELF!!!!!!) (Daisy’s the little ray of sunshine who everyone will defend with their life.)

    Ruse: Mental stability, my old friend!

    Aisling: . . .  Guys, could you lighten up a little?

    Sorry I used Ruse so much–but he fits in with all the memes so well!


    "I read that book, and it affected me." ~my sister, about the Warrior Cats.

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