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    @anne_the_noob14 Hmm . . . in that case, she might be more likely to not like him.

      XD LOL!


    Psalm 119:11
    Your word I have hidden in my heart,
    That I might not sin against You.

    Esmeralda Gramilton

      Okay, haven’t posted in along while, but loving all the memes.

      Amin: People say I am too kind for my own good and that maybe I’m trying too hard to be their friend.

      Sandrye: Who says that?! We’ve been alone for weeks!

      Amin: People sleep talk.


      Sandrye: Who says these people aren’t right?

      Amin: People need to start believing in me a little more, and being a little kinder to me, that way I won’t have to be kind enough for both of us.

      Sandrye: Who says we need to be kind?!


      Interviewer: What is the question you get asked most in concern to your writing life?

      Me: Oh, it’s definitely, “why did you kill that character”

      Interviewer: Okay, great. Tell us why.


      Me: Uh

      Me: I don’t know.

      “No-one can judge your worth; They can only influence the judgement of your worth.” ~Elysso


      @esmeralda-gramilton (Lol!)


      This one I actually made up ( if it’s out there in the world if memes, I promise I didn’t steal it)

      Answer to the question “What would be the most surprising or embrassing fact about you?” Round 1

      Dayton: *folds arms* “That’s none of your business.”

      Alan: *runs over and grabs the mic* “I know this one!! She’s a MOMMY!! Of two BOYS!!!”

      Dayton: *faces turns red but she looks like she’s about to bite his head off* “You-”

      Alan: *grins* “There you have it, folks.”

      Alan: “My turn . . . I am a firefighter! Who would have guessed that?”

      Jack: “Only our Authoress. * Thinks* Alan, do you consider  that fact surprising or embrassing ?”

      Alan: ” Surprising. ”

      Jack: “Okay, * mumbles  if it’s probably Dayton thinks more like embrassing, then thinks a moment* ” A few surprising facts about me are that I’ve been 2 squared plus 10 * 2 for a while now and have never drunk any alcohol.”

      Alan: “What?”

      Jack: “And I’m single.”

      Alan: *shakes his head*

      Rob: “Surprising fact . . .

      Micheal: * looking downcast* “The most embrassing fact about me is that whenever I wear my bodyguard suit I look like a penguin trying to impress a princess. *Brightens* The most surprising facts are that I can be serious enough to be a bodyguard and that I can stand on my head long enough to sing one verse of Old MacDonald.”

      Rob: *grimaces but nods in agreement* “It’s true.”

      Rob: “The most surprising fact about me is that I can cry.”

      Micheal: REALLY!

      Rob: “nods* “It’s true.”

      Micheal: “Wow. ”


      Psalm 119:11
      Your word I have hidden in my heart,
      That I might not sin against You.

      Urwen Starial

        Kirat: You’re too late doc, he’s already dead.

        Jin: *cracks knuckles* I didn’t get my medical license revoked for nothing.


        "Peace in our time. Imagine that."

        Livi Ryddle

        @dakota XD XD

        <b>Answers to the question “What would be the most surprising or embarrassing fact about you?”:</b>

        Gwen: I have absolutely no singing talent at all.

        Greyl: I can drink quite a bit of ale before it has any effect on me, unlike what Dharin thinks.

        Werrley: Um… I once ate so many scones that I was too heavy to fly for a while.

        Dana: I really dislike researching things.

        Dharin: I talk to my horse as if she were a human.

        Dragon: Not embarrassing or surprising to me, but I once left Dharin a “present”. On his boots. After he had cleaned and polished them :)) *is quite proud of the fact*

        Marek: I sing lullabies to my dagger at night.

        Kylian: I have actually smiled twice, believe it or not. Oh yeah, and I read the occasional romance novel.

        Stilton: I’m fairly skilled with a sword, and I’m a good dancer.

        "Reck not."
        ~Sir Nicholas Beauvallet


        @anne_the_noob14 XD! 🙂

        Answer to the question “What would be the most surprising or embarrassing fact about you?” Round 1

        Joe: “I suppose the most surprising fact about me is that I was born England.”

        Micheal: “How about the fact that you always “Master” or “Madam” to everyone except Rob and I and – well, nevermind who. Or the that you’ve never had a traffic ticket?”

        Joe: “Alright, those are good ones too.”

        Megyn: “The most surprising fact about me . . . I guess that I was asked to join a British orchestra once.”

        Joe: “Truely?”

        Megyn: *nods*

        Stella: “Um, I’ve never traveled outside of my state? . . . I don’t know. There’s not much surprising about me.” *looks at me sadly*

        Jim: “I don’t live in a house.”

        Micheal: *jaw drops* “You’re homeless??”

        Psalm 119:11
        Your word I have hidden in my heart,
        That I might not sin against You.

        Urwen Starial

          On a dare. . . 

          Kirat: Answer with the first thing that comes into your head.

          Kirat: Is Tony Stark Iron man?

          Rhioe: Yes.

          Kirat: Is the Eiffel Tower in France?

          Rhioe: Yes.

          Kirat: Did George Washington help lead the American Revolution?

          Rhioe: Yes.

          Kirat: Will you marry me?

          Rhioe: Yes.

          Rhioe: Wait, what?

          Kirat: *runs into the distance screaming at Jin* IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!

          "Peace in our time. Imagine that."

          Emberynus The Dragonslayer


          *Cade and I are laughing so hard we can’t speak for several seconds*

          Cade: Kirat- that was- amazing!

          Me: Yeah! That was great!!

          Alright, I’mma borrow some o’ these and one I saw on Pinterest.

          @anne-the-noob14 @naiya-dyani @esmeralda-gramilton

          Answer to the question “What would be the most surprising or embrassing fact about you?

          Judah: Zack you go first.

          Zack: *Walks into the room with a swagger* *stops short and looks at Judah* *runs his fingers through his thick, dark hair* Aww come on Judah, why me?

          Judah: *grins* Cuz’ you’ve got so many potential answers.

          Zack: True. *nods seriously* well. . . I guess.*thinks* the most surprising fact about me is of course that I’m single. Cuz’ I mean *gestures towards his face*

          Judah: Yeah I don’t see how you could remain single for long with a face like that.

          Zack: *shrugs* But yeah, whatev, some people just ain’t got no taste! *eats a cookie*

          Carly: Wait what- You’re single?!!!

          Zack: Yeah. At least I think. *looks at Me*

          Me: Yep. For now.

          Carly: 🥰

          Judah: Uh- Ahem- yeah. Anyway!! Now the most embarrassing fact Zack.

          Zack: Most embarrassing. . . which one do I choose? Umm. . . well.  .  . I guess the most embarrassing fact is. . . *eats another cookie* That there are too many embarrassing facts for me to settle on one.*shrugs*

          Judah: 😂

          *Bethany enters the room*

          Zack: *hugs her* Hey Bethy!

          Bethany: Oh hi Zack! *looks at Judah* what’s going on in here?

          Judah: *blushes and looks at the floor* UM-What’s the most surprising or embarrassing fact about you?

          Bethany: The most embarrassing fact about me is definitely that this person is my cousin! *rolls her eyes as Zack kisses her cheek*

          Zack: And the most surprising fact about her is that she is also single! *Looks at her* You are still single right?

          Bethany: 🤭

          Voted “most likely to…”:

          Judah: Be loved by everyone he meets (every sane person anyway)

          Zack: Die before he’s 25

          Cade: Win most handsome person of the year award and die before he’s 25

          Bethany: Die trying to keep her cousin from doing something crazy

          Llewellyn: Be the most tortured character

          Keep calm and…

          Judah: LOVE GERMANY!!!! 🇩🇪

          Zack: And be handsome

          Cade: Listen to Pop music

          Bethany: try to keep Zack calm

          Llewellyn: Love Ireland!! 🇮🇪 Or hug a dog


          Zack: Will you marry me?

          Bethany: No

          Zack: Did you even hear what I just said? What did I say?

          Bethany: “Will you marry me?”

          Zack: YES!! of course!!

          Bethany: I didn’t mean- never mind. *face palms*


          Sleep doesn't help if it's your soul that's tired.

          Naiya Dyani


            Okay, I’m gonna do this one (and tag @urwen-starial and @anne_the_noob14 since they probs know my characters best out of the peeps on this thread):

            Answer to the question “What would be the most surprising or embrassing fact about you?

            Tai: I’ve swallowed an earthworm before.

            Grace: She said a surprising fact, Tai. Unless you were going for embarrassing?

            Kedori: *snicker*

            Tai: Fine. Um. . . I don’t know.

            Grace: You actually do get serious sometimes. It’s actually kinda scary when you do.

            Tai: O.O *runs off screaming “I SCARED GRACE!!!!!!!”*

            Grace: *sigh* That’s. . . not what I meant. Anyway, for me. . . I guess maybe that I do, in fact, cry.

            Dari: Wait, you do??

            Kiet: *nod* I’ve seen it.

            Dari: *spins around* You’ve seen it???

            Grace: Once.

            Kiet: Anyway. . . um, I’m not quite sure what mine would be.

            Grace: You can get mad. And it’s not pretty when you do.

            Kiet: o.o I’m sorry. . .

            Grace: I meant that in a good way. You usually only get mad over stuff that matters.

            Kiet: Okay. . .

            Dari: I actually used to get into fights when I was younger.

            Grace: O.O You did?? You can’t start conflict now to save your life. . .

            Kedori: Um. . . it surprises some people that I can talk. Not very well, though. So I almost never do it.

            Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

            Naiya Dyani

              Characters’ reactions to Kiet getting smacked in the face by a tree branch:

              Grace: *sigh* Watch where you’re going. *inspects his face* Are you all right?

              Dari: Yo, u ok

              Kedori:<i> *</i>doesn’t hear his reaction, so he finds out a moment after the fact when he notices Kiet’s not walking nearby anymore*

              <i></i>Tai: *sets branch on fire*

              Kiet: . . . I’m seriously fine guys. . .

              Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

              Naiya Dyani

                @urwen-starial @anne_the_noob14

                When Kiet gets in a mischievous mood:

                Kiet: *sly smile* Tai looks adorable in his sleep.

                Tai: What?!?! I do not!!!!

                Kiet: Yeah you do. I would know. I barely sleep, so I see you all curled up like a little angel child every night. . .

                Grace: *snickers*

                Tai: Oh, yeah? Well, you purr like a cat in YOUR sleep!


                Kiet: Wait, I do?

                Tai: *smirks in triumph*

                Kiet: *blushes wildly but is secretly pleased*

                Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

                Livi Ryddle

                @urwen-starial XD XD XD *me and all my characters are holding our sides, laughing*

                WAY TA GO, KIRAT!!!

                Lol Zack XD

                THEY’RE ALL ADORABLEEEE And Tai is hilarious XD (I’d also set the branch on fire 😛 )

                Let’s see…

                Me: Ok guys, tell us what you were thinking about right before I said this.

                Gwen: Um. I was thinking about rearranging my cottage, I think.

                Greyl: I was thinking about this a tear in my journal cover that I need to fix.

                Werrley: I was thinking about scones.

                Me: You’re always thinking about scones XD

                Stilton: *blushes* Um. I, uh. *voice gets all small and quiet and embarrassed* I was thinking about Gwen…

                Gwen: *also blushes* …

                Dharin: I was thinking about ale. I think. Or was it women…? Or both? Maybe it was both. Idk.

                Marek: Daggers.

                Me: You were not. C’mon, tell the truth.

                Marek: Fine, fine. I was thinking about ways to kill [NAME HAS BEEN CENSORED CAUSE IT’S TOO SPOILERY] slowly and painfully.

                Me: There we go. Thank you. Next?

                Kylian: I was thinking about my dueling footwork.

                Dragon: Grass 🙂 And apples 😀 😀

                Dana: I’m pretty sure I was thinking about herbs.

                Wiggins (he’s a farmer): *chews piece of straw thoughtfully* *then says in his slow, deliberate way of speaking:* Whall, Ah guess Ah wuz jist thinkin’ ’bout tha cern crop dis year, an’ hows et wuzn’t ahs good ahs lahst year, an di’n’t brung in ahs mech coin ahs et ded lahst year. *pauses to spit out the straw, then looks around at everyone* Lahst year, iffin you ricall et, tha cern crop Ah plahnted brung meh in ah good handfel of coin. Ah used et ta buy miself dis new hat 😀 *takes off straw hat and proudly shows it to everyone* *plants it firmly back on his head*

                (lemme know if I need to translate lol XD )

                "Reck not."
                ~Sir Nicholas Beauvallet

                Kayla Skywriter

                Answers to the question “What would be the most surprising or embarrassing fact about you?

                Altan: Um… well embarrassing would be that I’m really jealous of Lonan’s hair.

                Me: Altan, you really shouldn’t be. It’s practically a curse.

                Altan: But it’s so shiny.

                Tawny: Well, I guess the most surprising thing is that Lonan and I are twins.

                Altan: I found out first and I’m still surprised.

                Areonwen: Hi.

                *all my characters stare*

                Tawny: Who are you!

                Areonwen: *whispers* that’s my most surprising thing. I’m you sister.

                Azahar: NO! She’s my sister!

                Me: You two haven’t even met yet. Stop fighting!

                Rhoda: I’m a math genius.

                Tawny: What’s math?

                Rhoda: Peasant

                Lonan: Okay, let’s all calm down. I’m the main character so you all have to listen to me.

                Altan and Tawny: Ha!

                Lonan: *sighs* Shut up. Most surprising thing about me is that I’m terrified of…

                Tawny: Fun?

                Altan: Baths?

                Areonwen: the sky? *shudders*

                Lonan: Hari

                Hari: I still hate you.

                How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for

                Emberynus The Dragonslayer

                @anne_the_noob14 Yup XD. I wuv dat boy 🥰

                Zack: Aww thanks. At least you love me.

                Me: Don’t start! You know other people love you too.

                Those were so funny!!! I love Tai

                I like Altan. He’s cool.

                @esmeralda-gramilton @dakota

                Here’s my variations of two short memes I found:

                Tony: I’ve had ten times the dates that you have.

                Jordan: You have? Well let’s see. . . I’ve had zero. Ten times zero is zero. So yeah that works.

                Tony: *speechlessly angry* 😡

                Bethany and Zack having breakfast:

                Zack: *sets down his spoon* I have an important question.

                Bethany: Oh?

                Zack: What if soy milk is just milk introducing itself in Spanish?

                Bethany: 🙄




                Sleep doesn't help if it's your soul that's tired.

                Urwen Starial

                  Kirat: I’ve been threatened twice today.

                  Jin: I’ve probably received a few death threats since last night.

                  Kenem: I’ve threatened twenty people today.

                  Jin: It’s . . . eight o’clock in the morning. . .

                  Kenem: And? I’m productive.

                  Kirat: It’s true, he already threatened me today.


                  Kirat: I like to wake up in the morning and hear all my bones crack. It makes me feel like a glow stick, and now I’m shining bright and ready for my day.

                  Jin: I just asked for your schedule today.


                  Jin: Kirat, are you okay?

                  Kirat: *looks up from book* Yes. Why?

                  Jin: I just saw you cry for like. . . five or six minutes and then your alarm went off  . . . and you stopped crying? And went back to work?

                  Kirat: It’s called time management, Lee.


                  Chanmi: Hi, Mr. Kenem, sir? I uh, had a question about your dagger.

                  Kenem: No, it cannot turn into a sword-

                  Chanmi: Can I put some magnets on it?

                  Kenem: ???? Sure???


                  Kirat: Lunen, why do you have cat stickers on your knife?

                  Kenem: *holding a beaming Chanmi* They are hello kitty magnets and they are perfect.

                  Kirat: Well, they’re dumb.

                  Kenem: *turns away from Kirat and sets Chanmi down* Don’t let him tell you that, sweetie.

                  Chanmi: *giggles*


                  Kenem: Goodnight, Chanmi.

                  Chanmi: Tell me a story.

                  Kenem: Once upon a time, . . . the end.

                  Chanmi: No, a real one.

                  Kenem: C’mon, that’s your favorite one.

                  Kenem: Go to bed, Chanmi, or I’m selling all your toys.

                  Chanmi: *smiles* I love you 3,000.

                  Kenem: *touched* Wow. Thank you. . .


                  Kenem: Not that it’s a competition, Kirat. . . but she loves me 3,000. What were you? In the 7 to 90s?

                  Kirat: *without looking up from his book* Shut up, Lunen.

                  "Peace in our time. Imagine that."

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