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    Urwen Starial

      So. . . I’m looking to liven up my topics. . . so this seemed like a good chance. The gist, Write memes with your characters, best one wins. . . uh. . . *looks at smudged writing on hand* Hugs and coffee? Maybe? XD These can be common memes too, just rewritten with your characters. Have fun!

      gonna tag some people. . . @naiya-dyani @banana-peacock-warrior @emberynus-the-dragonslayer @anne_the_noob14 @kari-karast @esmeralda-gramilton

      I’ll start. . .

      Jin: Kirat? Why is there a regular carrot in the bag of baby carrots?

      Kirat: They need adult supervision.


      Kirat: It’s really cold in here, I’m going to turn the fan off. . .

      Jin: KIRAT!!!! WE’RE IN A HELICOPTER!!!!!


      Jin: *to a store clerk* I lost my friend, can I make an announcement?

      Clerk: Of course!

      Jin: *into the microphone* GOODBYE DUNCEFACE!!!!!!!


      "Peace in our time. Imagine that."

      Esmeralda Gramilton


        Hey, I love doing that!!!

        I could definitely contribute a few, though I don’t know if I have any original ones. 😉

        Kyrei: My heart says yes, my head says yes, but I still can’t get an alpaca.

        Elysso: Why not?

        Kyrei: Wixyl says no.


        *cat meows*

        Kyrei: aww, you cutie! You remembered my birthday! Thanks, bud.

        Elysso: *leaning over to Mindysa* Do you think he can actually understand cats or is he just messing with us?

        Mindysa: knowing him, it might very well be both


        But before I send anymore, I should probably give a little more insight on my characters.

        In a bit!

        “No-one can judge your worth; They can only influence your judgement of your own worth.” ~Elysso

        Esmeralda Gramilton


          So, if I were to use one word to describe how some of my characters are. . .

          Walli (my main POV character): Loyal

          Alixa (my other main POV character): Energetic

          Drayden: Mysterious

          Kyrei: Crazy

          Mindysa: Choosy

          Elysso: Stubborn

          Jarvyn: Well-meaning

          Merlye: Weird. . .

          Zarin: Funny

          Hyri: Parent-ly

          Lyndira: Sweet

          Ajeris: Knowledgeable

          Shayne: Believing

          Xineta: Happy

          Kayti: Kind

          Sandrye: Interesting

          Amin: Hesitant

          Lyste: Clever

          Phalxyn: Persistent

          Wes: Indifferent

          Callia: Curious


          That’s most of them, but I love inventing characters, so there are a lot of side characters too 🙂

          “No-one can judge your worth; They can only influence your judgement of your own worth.” ~Elysso

          Veraza Winterknight

          Ooooh nice topic!

          *goes off to figure out if I know any memes XD*

          "You can dance with my henchman."

          Esmeralda Gramilton

            Shayne: I can’t find Xineti

            Kayti: I can’t find Zarin

            Hyri: I can’t find the duct tape

            Shayne: I have a very bad feeling about this


            Hyri: *walks into the room* Xineti, do I want to know why Zarin in duct taped to the ceiling?

            Xineti:. . . .no.



            Contessa: Royal



            “No-one can judge your worth; They can only influence your judgement of your own worth.” ~Elysso

            Naiya Dyani

              @urwen-starial Ooh, fun topic! And fun characters, everyone. And yeah, having read your WIP, that’s totally your characters in a nutshell, Urwen. XD

              *rubs hands* Some of mine. . .


              Tai: *sweating and panting* Phew, I’m hot!

              Dari: You need to get handle on that bragging problem.


              Kiet: What’s your blood type?

              Tai: Red.


              Enn Dera: What are you doing?

              Tai: Nothing productive.


              Heh, Tai is basically a walking meme. . .

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              Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

              Urwen Starial

                @naiya-dyani Yeah, Tai seems funny! I died a little inside reading those, they were really good! XD

                *stuck in a horrible situation*

                Rhioe: I’m sure if we just stay positive!

                *situation gets worse*

                Rhioe: STAY POSITIVE!!!!

                *situation get way worse*

                Rhioe:  . . . . *crying*  STAY POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!

                Kirat: Rhioe, you lost twenty monopolies.

                "Peace in our time. Imagine that."

                Urwen Starial

                  Last one!

                  Kirat: *gets a knife*

                  Everyone else: *gasps* Kirat, no!

                  Kirat: *opens a box with it*

                  Everyone else: *sighs in relief*

                  Kirat: *pulls out a gun*

                  Everyone else: Oh no

                  "Peace in our time. Imagine that."

                  Naiya Dyani

                    @urwen-starial :’D It’s okay, Rhioe. It’s impossible to stay positive during Monopoly.

                    Tai: It’s impossible to keep my bank account positive during Monopoly.

                    Dari: Well, if you would quit making paper airplanes out of your money, that might help.

                    Tai: Says the one with hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place.

                    Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

                    Urwen Starial

                      @naiya-dyani XD I totally killed my family at that game a while ago! My brother went bankrupt and I bought all of his property an basically opened three quarters of the board and was free on most of the spaces! Since then no one has wanted to play monopoly with me XD.

                      Kirat: you know, change is inedible

                      Jin: I think you mean inevitable

                      Kirat: *spitting out nickels* nope. I meant inedible

                      "Peace in our time. Imagine that."

                      Naiya Dyani

                        @urwen-starial Lol, Kirat would know that. XD

                        Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

                        The Writing Gremlin


                          🤣Dude that last one literally made me laugh out loud.

                          Idk if I can write memes… I’m not clever enough for that… (😜) but these are so interesting to read! So funny!

                          “When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.”
                          ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭94:19‬ ‭

                          Livi Ryddle

                          @urwen-starial AHAHAHA GREAT IDEA 😀 😀




                          Someone: Music is dumb

                          Stilton: *has a knife* Peace was never an option…

                          (ANYBODY BESIDES ME SEEN THE GOOSE MEME?!?!)



                          Ah ha! This is gonna be a remake of a vine!:

                          Hazel: *is on the phone* And they were roommates!

                          Kiel: oMG and tHEy wErE rOOmatES

                          and this one:

                          Werrley: warm water tastes round and cold water tastes pointy

                          Dane: Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave??



                          YeAH!! The “Gru plan” meme template!

                          Gwen: *meets an owl who needs help to save his family*

                          *decides to help the owl*

                          *breaks arm, it gets infected and also is allergic to the herbs in the poultice, meets weird guy who can talk to trees*


                          and now the cat meme! With the lady pointing at the cat and the cat is just sitting there with this disgusted look? Idk if there’s an actual name for it or not lol.

                          Carlisle: You can’t just forge some documents in the hopes of getting me fired!

                          Zarak: yOU cAn’t jUSt fORge- I DO WHAT I WANT, OK??!


                          And the Drake format meme!

                          Dane: Using his tree powers to just grow a huge tree that he and Gwen can hide in?? *nuh-uh*

                          Asking this other tree to grow her roots in a really weird way that doesn’t look natural at all because that’s totally gonna hide them? *OH YEAH BOI*


                          guy with yellow glasses meme:

                          Nobody: literally nothing

                          The Assembly of Owls: *sends to this person they don’t even know, who has like zero powers that would help, and no social skillz whatsoever to save them* *cue the excited guy in yellow glasses face*


                          This is awesome!! Although I’m having a hard time describing how they act lol

                          "Reck not."
                          ~Sir Nicholas Beauvallet

                          Livi Ryddle

                          OOh and one more before I go to bed!! Or maybe two cause I just remembered another XD


                          Gwen: *is on the floor, gasping* I need… IV..!!

                          Stilton: Four what??


                          And this one:

                          Stilton: *is bleeding really badly*

                          Gwen: You need a transfusion. Quick, what’s your type??

                          Stilton: Short, nice, dark hair –

                          Gwen: NO YOUR BLOOD TYPE

                          Stilton: Oh. *looks at wound* Red

                          Gwen: *facepalm*

                          "Reck not."
                          ~Sir Nicholas Beauvallet

                          Emberynus The Dragonslayer


                          Whew!! I’ve been really busy lately!! Haven’t been on Story Embers much at all. Just got back from a three day quota hunt so I’m a little drained, but I’ll see if I can think of something. 🙂

                          Sold souls and dead promises

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