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    Arindown (Gracie)


    Here’s my drawing of Hemlock. I just took the picture with the phone, but I could scan it in for better quality.

    I hope you like it.😄

    "If I'm gonna break, I'll break like the dawn." -Nightbirde



    I love it!
    I do digital art. Side note, FireAlpaca is a great free art program.


    @chalice Eeeee, I can’t wait!! McKinley 💙

    I ask where he got these crazy ideas anyway
    He just smiles and says, it’s the way that I was raised



    Broken spider hand removed.  Erhard is less doofy looking.  

    Livi Ryddle

    @deeprun Wow! I’m on pages 41/42 and I can’t get over the folds of Tal’s clothing XD

    Just reading through your descriptions of your characters, and I must say, I’ve been quietly chortling over them (in a good way) for a while 😀

    *is totally not stalking @claire-h and Inkspiller’s conversation*

    Just curious, do you know what your personality type is? (question directed at Inkspiller specifically) (do you mind if I call you Jonathan or would you prefer Inkspiller? Or something else completely?)

    As I’m reading through all the pages between 41 and 49, I see your description of Hemlock! I love it XD He sounds awesome! (Edit: I’M ON PAGE 46 AND WOAH. DID YOU DO THAT DRAWING OF HEMLOCK?? IT’S AWESOME) (Edit 2: Ah. I see you said you used a program. He looks awesome 😀 )

    You said you recommend FireAlpaca? Will that work on my Samsung tablet? I’m relatively happy with MediBangPaint at the moment, but I’m always up for trying people’s recommendations 😀

    @deeprun And I love your drawing of the sorceress!


    Comment to Inkspiller: How’d the D&D session go? I’ve never played, but I have friends who do and I’ve seen enough posts on Pinterest to have at least a baseline knowledge of how it works, and I’m waiting to hear back from one of said friends on whether or not I can join their… campaign? Is that the right word? (Read as: I’m collecting as much info / opinions / literally everything as I possibly can in the hopes I don’t die the first time I play.)

    (And I apologize to everyone for the very random and unorganized way I wrote all those comments lol. I wrote them as I went through the pages, so… *shrugs* And I’m too lazy to organize them XD)

    @deeprun Sorry for tagging you multiple times on this one post lol but… I have a character or two that I wouldn’t mind having drawn if you wanted to tackle one or the other or both of them! Feel free to decline! Just throwing it out there 😀

    Above offer to Deep extends to anyone else! I know a couple people who were drawing some of my OCs, but there are more people on here than there were last time I was here lol so let me know if anyone wants to draw somebody!

    And I don’t remember who all was doing drawings of my characters… I think @theswordinthebook is drawing Wiggins, and I think @chalice was doing Marek. Y’all please don’t feel like I’m bugging you or anything! But how’s it going? Feel free to tell me you can’t / don’t want to finish! Totally fine! And, being somewhat of an artist myself who sometimes accepts commissions of sorts, I know the feeling XD Just checking in 🙂


    List of my characters for anyone who would like to draw one (more detailed descriptions available) :

    (Note: They’re all from the same story, set roughly around the 1600s, though it doesn’t use the same timeline as we do.)

    Dharin: Captain of the Riders, a trio of bounty hunters. Fond of women and ale, but can be very much a leader and a quick thinker when needed.

    Marek: One of the Riders. Has what could be called an unhealthy obsession with daggers, fistfights, and rebellion.

    Kylian: The other of the Riders. Is the most mature of the three, and frequently has to get Marek and the captain out of some sort of trouble. 10/10 needs a nice, long nap and a cup of coffee.

    Wiggins: ’tis but a simple farmer. Would give you the shirt off his back, but don’t go messing with his milk cow or he’ll stab you with his pitchfork.

    Greyl: Is half oak, and somewhere around 263 years old. Very studious, and blames himself perhaps more than he should if he messes up or makes a mistake. Is definitely not short enough to make climbing onto a bar-stool difficult.

    Gwendolyn: Part-time midwife, and a very good cook. If something bad happens because of something she did, or if she makes a big mistake of some sort, she will end up digging herself into a pit of ‘it’s all my fault and I shouldn’t even be here’. “i’M nOT in lOVe wItH StiLToN”

    Werrley: He’s an owl. Relatively down-to-earth and sensible. Very fond of Gwen’s scones, and is overall a rather comical fellow.

    Dana: Healer with a bit of a dangerous/sardonic side. (I don’t have her as fleshed out as I would like, because she’s very intriguing to me.) Is even shorter than Greyl. *coughcough who said that?*

    Dragon: Dharin’s horse. She’s black with a white splotch on her side that looks reminiscent of a dragon, and a white splotch down the front of her nose. Loves apples and nice trees to scratch her neck on.

    Stilton: My sweet lil’ gardener/musician :3 He lost his wife and their unborn child about five years before my story takes place, and is trying to get over it by writing songs and tending to said wife’s roses and his garden. Is a volunteer member of the Guard Corporation, which is basically like a group of police officers. And he’s definitely not falling in love with Gwen, no no no.

    Commander Vulfarym: Ah, now we come to the main antagonist. He’s the head of all the groups of bounty hunters, and is secretly deep in the child slave market. He’s extravagantly rich, and pretends to care about the people he’s in charge of, but really all he cares about is keeping his position and riches. Overall a very unpleasant man.

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    “Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"




    For the picture itself I actually took a screenshot from a video game called Dragon Age Inquisition.
    FireAlpaca is a computer program and it’s free for any Windows or Mac computer. look it up for more information, I’m not sure what kinds of tablets it’s compatible with.

    Also I find it hard to find things on this page, if you’re comfortable with it, could I get your email instead?


    (I don’t own anything from the game I just took a screenshot. pls don’t sue)

    Livi Ryddle


    Ahh gotcha.

    Ok, I’ll look and see if it’ll work.

    For sure! liviryddle04@gmail.com

    (XD Don’t worry, I won’t 😛 )

    “Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"

    Livi Ryddle


    No problem!

    Oh, by the way, that’s not my main email so I don’t check it as frequently, so if you email me I might not reply immediately 🙂

    “Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"


    Okay. I did send you an email tho, just fyi.

    Livi Ryddle


    Alrighty! I’ll go check in a minute.

    “Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"

    The Inkspiller


    I meant to reply this morning, and per usual – forgot.

    But absolutely bleeding fantastic work! Erhard looks more heroic, frontman-esque than before, and as the others have said, the shading on their armor is positively stunning. I cannot complain in the slightest. 🙂


    Thank you! I’m glad that my descriptions are suitably risible.
    And yeah, @deeprun is super talented.
    INFP – and either one is fine. I’m totally fine with people using my real name on this site.’

    Regarding your question regarding D&D:

    The campaign has gone well so far and the session didn’t go awful in a mechanical sense… but my players may be on their way to a TPK (total party kill) next session.

    Moral of the story:

    Do not rob the mafia.

    Do not rob a vampire.

    Especially do not rob a vampire working for the mafia.

    While trying to sell a spell scroll worth 20,000 gold, they decided to just keep the scroll and steal the cash and jump the buyer. After 3 rounds of making barely any progress in damaging her, she fled, and they ran away and checked in to the equivalent of a medieval Motel 6 to try and plan their next move (while the entire local mafia is about to swarm them in dudes to get that scroll and the money back).

    The end result is either going to be them throwing 1 – 3 of their party members to the mobsters to satiate their thirst for vengeance (along with virtually all of the money they made) and handing over the scroll, or a glorious, bloody last stand as they’re swarmed by a vampire, her 6 spawn thralls, and like 40 dudes with muskets and hatchets.


    I have another smaller group with potentially a spot open (I’d have to confer with the others) – we’ll see if they bite it next session – if you were / are still looking for a group to join. That campaign is waaaaaaay more informal and irregular in its meeting time, but it’s a casual environment. Except for the constant threat of imminent death. The setting is kind of like Canada, if it were inhabited by cosmic horrors from beyond the stars and the survival of humanity depends on their whaling industry, magic salt, and their friendship with a bunch of shrimp people that can only speak in sign language.

    Most important lesson for survival:
    If the DM says, “Are you sure about that?” Seriously reconsider your current course of action.

    Non nobis Domine, sed nomini, Tuo da gloriam.

    Livi Ryddle


    Ah, INFP. *nods* I was wondering, cause just reading some of your conversation with Claire, it sounded veeeerrry similar to something I’d say 😛 I’m an ISFP. And coolio. I shall call you Jonathan, then, as I prefer to call someone either my their real name or nickname instead of part of their tag, if possible and/or applicable.

    Moral of the story: Do not rob the mafia. Do not rob a vampire. Especially do not rob a vampire working for the mafia.

    *raises one eyebrow, then both* That… would seem like reasonable advice XD

    *reads next two paragraphs* *makes a “not bad” face* Interesting. Quite.

    Oh! Cool! How small is “smaller”, and how’s the atmosphere as far as cussing and such is concerned? I don’t mind a few “milder” words, but I’m gonna guess it’s a relatively clean-mouthed set of people. And I presume meetings take place over Zoom or some other such platform. I need to check back in with my friend about joining her group, which would be my first choice since I know at least four people in it, but, if they don’t want another player, and your group is cool with it, I might take you up on snagging a spot in yours. I guess just let me know if there ends up being a spot, and I’ll let you know if I join my friend’s group. And thank you!

    *laughs* I have gathered that from most of the Pinterest posts… there are some horror stories about people who didn’t heed that advice XD

    “Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"


    @anne_the_noob14, *sucks in breath* Yes, I was supposed to be doing Marek. I’m actually working on a couple other projects right now and haven’t even started it… *hides* But I WILL get to it! Unless something very drastic happens in the near future, I will.

    “Creativity takes courage” -Henri Matisse

    Livi Ryddle

    @chalice You’re good! No rush! 😀 I totally understand having other projects to work on lol. *shoves the pile of projects I need to do into the closet*

    “Enough! Be quiet! I can’t hear myself think! I can’t hear my teeth chatter!"

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