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    Mariposa Aristeo

    Over the past eight years, I’ve had three blogs. I’m planning on launching a new blog soon, and since I’ve never quite liked blogger or Weebly, I’m seriously considering going with WordPress this time. For all you wise WordPress users, I have a few questions (if you have the time 😋):

    • Do you use wordpress.org or wordpress.com? Which is the best one to go with?
    • What did you use for hosting? I thought about using DreamHost since it includes free domain privacy, but I’ve never heard of that company before. Have any of you heard of or tried it yourself?
    • How much memory would a person need? The lower plans don’t offer much, so I’m wondering about that.
    • Is it easy to use on a mobile device (99.99% of the time I use a tablet)?
    • How do the plugins work exactly and are they necessary? If they are beneficial, what plugins would you recommend?
    • How has your personal experience been with WordPress?

    Any other WordPress advice or tips would be muchly appreciated. 🙂

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    Quinn O’Fallon

    @mariposa I’ve only been using it for a month or two, but my experience with wordpress.com has been pretty good. The features and options for customization are numerous, even on the free plan (what I have). It’s really easy and intuitive to use. I can’t really compare it to wordpress.org, since I’ve never used it before, but I don’t see myself wanting to switch to a different blogging platform anytime soon. Plus, I’ve heard that wordpress.org has a fairly steep learning curve, so for a newbie blogger like me, figuring out everything I can do with wordpress.com is more than enough brainwork.

    Hope this helps!

    Josiah DeGraaf


    – I use wordpress.org. As long as you have the money to pay for domain/hosting, it’s the much better option as it gives you a lot of abilities.

    – I use Bluehost for my personal site; we use SiteGround for Story Embers. SiteGround is better IMO, but more pricey. Bluehost has been fine for what I’ve wanted to do with my site. I briefly glanced at DreamHost when doing research for SE’s hosting, but don’t know much about them.

    – For an author website, the lowest amount will prob be fine. You’d need a pretty large site with a bunch of content to run out of space.

    – I don’t know. Never done it that way.

    – Plugins give you additional features/abilities to use on your site. I use a bunch, but the ones I’d recommend the most are Wordfence (for security), Hummingbird (for speed), Aksimet (for spam), WP Smush (for speed), an analytics plugin, and an open graph plugin if you’re doing stuff on social media (this is more complex to set up, though, so you may want to wait on this).

    – I’ve been very happy with WP. Never been tempted to use a different software.

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    Hope Ann

    I used to used wordpress.com though I switched to .org last year. The nice thing is that you can start on wordpress.com then export your site to a .org site pretty easily if you want that later but don’t have the money now.

    Pros of wordpress.com: It’s free and they take care of things like spam for you.

    Cons of wordpress.com: You can’t upload new plugins (which are helpful, though not needed at first if it’s a basic site) and you can’t sell things from wordpress.com

    For hosting, I use Site Ground. They are a little pricier but have great customer service and will get in and fix things for you – something I like since I have limited technical knowledge.

    Not sure about memory, but I’ve not run into any problems so far. Even the lower plans should be good for a bit unless you’re posting lots of high resolution photos.

    I’ve always done website stuff on my computer.

    Plugins are easy to work – you can load them to your site through your dashboard, activate them, then used them in various places depending on what they are. Josiah mentioned a number of good ones. My book progress is another cool plugin to show how you’re progressing in whatever book you’re writing.

    All in all, I love wordpress and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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    R.M. Archer

    -I use WordPress.org and always have, so I have no idea how it compares to WordPress.com

    -Um… I’d have to ask my mom. My blog was originally a sub-site of hers, so I’m not really familiar with the hosting and whatnot. XP EDIT: Black Chicken Host.

    -I don’t even know exactly how memory works, so I’ll be no help whatsoever here, lol.

    -I use a lot of plugins. Akismet (security, like @josiah said), Author WIP Progress Bar (for displaying the progress of my ongoing projects in the sidebar), Google Analytics (stats), Jetpack (also stats), Novelist (which lets me set up a page for each of my main projects and show them in a nice tiled view on my “My Books” page), Popup Ally (for newsletter subscription popups), and Testimonial Rotator (which you probably won’t need, at least not to begin with; I have it for the freelance editing business I’m working on starting up).

    -I love WordPress. It’s fairly easy to use (at least for me, but I’ve been using it for a while so maybe that’s more a matter of practice) and I don’t remember ever having problems with it directly.

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    Gabrielle Pollack

    I really don’t know much about WordPress, though I do use it.  I use .com.

    Idk much/anything about hosting, I fear. :/

    I’ve got the premium plan. If you’re talking about space for media, I upload a fair amount of photos, but still have plenty of space.

    It works fine on mobile, but I generally work on my computer. I don’t have the WordPress app.

    You can’t use plugins on Premium or upload themes, which is incredibly frustrating.

    For the most part, I love it, but I don’t have much in-depth experience. 🙂


    K.M. Small


    – I use wordpress.org. I considered wordpress.com, but I don’t believe you can get your own hosting with wordpress.com, just your own domain name.

    – I use Bluehost. They offer great discounts when you use wordpress.org. DEFINITELY get domain privacy if you go with them. It’s only $12 a year, I believe, and saves you from being spammed with emails or phone calls. It might have been just bad luck with me, but still 😛

    – I’m not sure about memory. I went with the second option for Bluehost, mainly because I wanted more email space.

    – I’ve used wordpress.org on my phone, but just to read my post feed.

    – Um…I don’t exactly know how pluggins work, but I know how to use them XD Most of them are free and you just download them; they basically add things to your website, like speed or memory and such.

    – I really like it. It’s very versitile, professional, and pretty easy to use. I’ve had few difficulties with it. I’ve never tried their customoer service, but I do know Bluehost’s is really good.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    ~ Khylie
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    Mariposa Aristeo

    @quinn-ofallon  Thank you for your advice! 🙂 I’m not exactly the most techy person so I totally understand the whole learning curve (thankfully I have a good friend who’s a whiz with computer stuff so they help me when I get in a jam 😅).

    Wow, thanks for the great advice! 😃 I’m strongly leaning toward Bluehost because I’ve heard more about it and it fits my budget. Do you know if it’s cheaper to buy a two year subscription versus a one year? I couldn’t seem to find that on the site. 🤔 Also, I know there’s a discount for Bluehost if you go with WordPress, but do you know how long the discount lasts? If I paid for three years, would the rate stay the same for that time?

    Thanks for your insight! 🙂 It’s great to hear someone’s perspective who’s used both .com and .org.

    Thanks! Your input was very helpful in helping me make my decision. 🙂

    Thanks, Gabby! Your advice is always appreciated. 🙂 Overall, it seems like WordPress is the best option over other platforms. I don’t why it took me so long to figure that out. 😅

    Thank you for your advice! 🙂 Yes, I would definitely go with domain privacy jus cuz of creepy people. 😜

    I think dinosaurs are cooler than dragons. 🦖

    R.M. Archer

    @mariposa Happy to help! 🙂

    Fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi author. Mythology nerd. ENFP. Singer.

    Josiah DeGraaf

    I think the 3-year subscription is the cheapest. You should get a significant discount for those first three years, then the price will go up afterward.

    Lit fanatic. Eclectic reader. Theology nerd. Writing fantasy at https://josiahdegraaf.com


    I just started my first blog a few months ago, so I can’t answer any of your specific questions, but I did want to say that I have enjoyed my limited experience with WordPress and am currently looking into upgrading my own account as well. I like the format much better than other blogging sites I have looked into. Furthermore, I like the connectivity to other WordPress users. It seems very user friendly, at least to me. 🙂 Happy writing!


    Mariposa Aristeo

    @josiah Thanks! I’ll probably go with that then. 🙂

    Thanks for your input! 🙂

    I think dinosaurs are cooler than dragons. 🦖

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