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    Sarah Inkdragon

    @overcomer Aw, thanks! I love watercolors. XD I’m pretty decent with pen and pencil tho to, and I do some pastels as well. But watercolor is my favorite.

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    I think watercolor looks beautiful. I never had any talent with it in art class, but that was a long time ago. It might be worth trying again. 🙂

    I’m currently working on a design for an aqua dragon. It’s just something I wanted to draw, but I may use it in a story or comic.

    I’ll probably color it with colored pencils. I’m a bit new to colored pencils, so if anyone has any useful tips I’d appreciate them. In the past, I’ve stuck mainly to graphite pencils and done a little with charcoal and pastel. I’m planning on trying markers too. I love the rich, vibrant pigment of markers.

    Veraza Winterknight


    I LOVE YOUR ART. (Especially the picture you drew of Jax!)

    I know I know, I’m technically spamming but I was going through some old art threads and I just had to say something. Because I really really really like your style!!!



    Is this art thread totally gone, because I can draw all of the things you asked about.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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