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    Hallo fellow Emberlings!… (Is it emberlings? or Embrians? Or…?) Anyhow hi! I’ve working on several novels regularly the past three or four years. So the thing is I designed a cover for my novel The Last Hope recently and boom I was way more productive! The thing is I can’t design a cover for all of my WIP’s without help! (Also I’m pretty bad at it anyway) So that’s what this post is about. Can I get some help? I know there are some people out their who like this type of thing! I’m gonna make a list of my WIP’s with the descriptions below them and if anyone wants to take a crack at it be my guest! Please this would amazing! For two of my WIP’s I already made a cover idea but feel free to make another one or 20 lol!

    The Last Hope  The year is 6096 and the Union of earth has declared that not all men are created equal. They put the lesser in district as slaves to serve at their pleasure. The government is overtaken by fools, drunkards, gambling with the lives of entire districts. Jayden Harrison is a clever young man, who managed to be promoted from slave to guard in training, he’s got a mum he has  provided for since the day his father walked out on them, a ring to marry the girl of his dreams, and a little sister he’d die for. But the dice roll wrong, and district 9 is gone. He survived. Physically. His girl is safe but now he has nothing to give her. Only one thing fuels him. Revenge.

    Description of Jayden: 18 years old, 6′ 1″, 165 pounds, shaggy red/brown hair, wide brown eyes, thin lips, cut jaw, medium tan skin, thick brows.  Wears: black trousers, black hoodie, and boots.

    Cover Idea:

    Art of Dying   Currently my name is Heinrich Schülz. And yes, I am Germain. I have no family although there is a quite beautiful girl in the apartment across from mine I wouldn’t mind getting to know better. Her name is Kendra Brooks. The problem only is the age difference. She is in her early to mid twenty’s and I have lost track of my age. A  hundred years or so ago I stopped counting. I don’t die. It’s impossible. I’ve tried every way possible nothing works which is handy in my line of work…I’m a professional larcenist.  Stealing things in this time is far more difficult then it once was and you are twice as likely to get caught. I can’t be caught though I am far to good.

    Description of Heinrich: looks about 26, 5′ 11”, 174 pounds, combed light bond hair, large grey/blue eyes, square jaw, pale skin, muscular.  Wears: Solid coloured T-shirts, Jeans or Kakkis, trainers (converse All stars)

    Where is the Love?  Ebony Clark is a normal high-school rocker, skater and to the ignorance of her classmates a hidden geek. She is tough, strong and unreadable. Only her closest friend Imran Khan can tell what she is really thinking. Suffering from dyslexia and ADHD makes holding the job she needs while still completing her homework difficult. Her mother always out at work or the bar, her crazy neighbours, and a class mate who can’t keep his hands to himself, don’t help matters much. But one evening at Imran’s house she receives a call from a police officer and everything changes.

    Description of Ebony: 15, 5′ 3″, 100 pounds, white blond hair little longer than jaw length, blue eyes, full lips, very pale skin, Wears: dark colours, band shirts, skate shoes, black nail polish, lot of rings and necklaces. Minimal make-up.

    Description of Imran: 15, 5′ 9”, 142 pounds, thick black hair skater style, dark brown almost black eyes, chapped lips, distinctive Pakistani skin, smooth forehead, arched eyebrows, angled nose. Wears: Dark colours, band shirts, slim fit dark jeans, skate shoes, single guitar necklace, leather jacket.

     Speaking to the Shadows  I don’t know my name. I’ve been in this place for years. Well, it feels like years, there is no way to tell though. In actuality I could have only been here a few weeks, who knows? It is strange here. There is no colours. Nothing but white. The only thing that is not white is the shadows which are grey. The shadows give me comfort. They never leave me. They listen when I speak. They always listen and never turn away. And now that I have been here they in return, speak to me. When I first was placed here they would never speak to me. They just lay. Lay beneath the white table, the white chair, white bed, white tap and basin, white toilet, white sheet, or beneath me. I think now that it was rude of me not to speak to them, but then again I think now that I thought they would not answer me. But I know that they answer and that they will listen.

    Description of girl (Allison) : looks about 18, 5’6″ 132 pounds, long thick curly black hair, hazel with yellow eyes, light brown skin darker brown freckles across the nose, average lip size, soft features, arched thin brows, Wears: White nightgown that goes about to mid thigh.

    Extra-Ordinary  Willow Brocks just wants to fit in, to know who she is, but according to the world she is no one. Just an ordinary, talentless and therefore worthless. The simulation is run. Results: Inconclusive. She is no more than a burden on society and should be terminated. Her parents reject her, those who she thought were her friends turn their backs, she is alone. Run. All she can do is run, if they catch her she is dead… but it they don’t catch her she lives… And is a life everyone says is pointless worth living?

    Description of Willow: 5′ 4″ 130 pounds, very long black thin black braids (weave), dark brown eyes, dark brown skin, full thick lips, shy expression, Wears: bright neon coloured shirts, dark jeans, trainers, grey hoodie.

    C0NFu510n   Acrophobia, Mysophobia, PSE, Agoraphobia, CCD, Enochlophobia, Taphophobia, OCD, social phobia, and germaphobic you name it she’s probably got it. Ming-Na has issues and she knows it but the world has so many more issues. It’s so disorganised! But what can she do I mean… Hey! she’s only 16! Her parents are long dead and it’s just her and her Obsessive compulsive brother, Seiji against the world. Everything is normal, or as normal as it gets in the Bi house hold when suddenly the siblings stumble on a body in their immaculate living room.

    Description of Ming-Na: 16, 4′ 11″, 94 pounds, glossy straight black hair, thin brown eyes, light tan skin, thin lips, Wears: white button down shirt, black pleated skirt above the knee, knee high white sock, black shoes, white finger nail polish, white head band in her hair.

    Description of  Seiji: 24, 5′ 9″ , 152 pounds, neatly combed shiny black hair, thin brown eyes, light tan skin, thin lips, sharp jawline. Wears: White button down shirt, black dress slacks, black socks, black shiny dress shoes, sometimes a black jacket.

    Cover Idea:






    Andrew Schmidt

    @lillian-parks03, I don’t know much about making book covers, so I can’t really help. But the ones you have up look good.

    With characters, I tried my best to make a clear description of my characters… but good job with the description of yours! 🙂

    In making my characters, I had always told what outfit they were wearing (though I didn’t always have something particular they wore depending on the character because… because I’m just me), but with facial descriptions, I try to shove the skin color description in there too like you did, and definitely the eye color (though I hadn’t always thought of the eye shape that much) but I had always tried to at least give them a particular face shape, and also say if they’re slender, small, short, tall, broad, etc. Of course!

    But your stories sound interesting… interesting at the characters themselves!

    And happy Writing Day!

    "Muhahaha!"- Unknown Villain

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