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    So, for the bloggers among us who who own their own domain names:

    >What hosting site do you use?

    >What is the real cost per month?

    >Is your site monetized? How? Does it cover the hosting costs?

    >How many followers do you have?

    @daeus-lamb @r-m-archer @ anyone else

    Feel free to skip any questions you want. But I’d appreciate the input! Thanks!


    Jane Maree


    I’m on WordPress! Definitely recommend this, it’s soo good. Wordfence is also a MUST to keep your site secure.

    I have a professional web designer and security management, so I have no idea how much it’d cost ordinarily. 😛

    My site is not at all monetized, as ads really bug me and I don’t want to have them on my site.

    I have approx. 100 followers that I can see.

    Writing Heroes ♦ Writing Hope // janemareeauthor.com.au

    Bill of the Hill

    @skye WordPress is what I use. It costs me nothing. 🙂 It’s not monetized, and I don’t really advertise it. I approach it as a hobby and a way for me to prioritize writing, so I’m not aiming for many followers right now.

    There once was a man
    Whose name was Bill


    I’ve also wondered this. Another question that plagues my mind though is what to make the blog about.

    Nola? AZELINE!!! For ChristWard!

    Edmund Lloyd Fletcher

    For various projects I’ve used wordpress, blogger, and done paid hosting.  Of the three I chose blogger for EdmundLloydFletcher.com because there is a lot more I can do with it before it starts costing money. Also, being a google product part of me wonders if they rank you a smidge higher in the search rankings, but who knows…

    For my domain name I went with 1and1 (now called ionos)  though google domains is a comparable alternative ($10 and $12 /yr, respectively).

    And no, I have not monetized anything yet.

    Homeschooling father of 10, writing Christian action/adventure novels from my home high in the Rockies.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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