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    Hi everyone!

    So, I have a character in my WIP who has Amnesia, if you have any tips on writing amnesia or if this character’s condition is too unrealistic, please let me know!


    She lives in a tight-knit society all connected by a telepathic ability.

    (a brief description on the ability: Everyone can communicate telepathically with each other, their minds are all connected¬† similarly to the way all technology is connected to the internet or like cell phones — however, people are still individuals, but the society is extremely connected with little contact to the outside world.)

    Marian is married, but her husband dies and she survives. (in her society, when a spouse dies, it’s so traumatic for the surviving partner that they usually die too)¬† The rest of the society takes this as a sign that she is an evil woman and unworthy of living among them and sharing life at such an intimate level (actually, she’s extraordinarily tough and she (I think) drew strength from her world’s god-figure), so they disconnect their minds from hers and banish her from their home — that trauma combined with grief is so great that it causes amnesia (or her memories are taken from her by her people).

    Later, she still retains knowledge of her name, her age, her fighting skill, and language, but all memories of past relationships is gone. She is still the same person, however, or becomes slightly different than the woman she once was.

    She has fears of: being hurt by others, abandonment, being an evil person in her past, and being helpless. But she’s uncertain why she fears these things.

    After she forgot her past, she felt lost, confused, and afraid. she was helped by my MC, a criminal who was running away from a crime scene and in a burst of compassion he helped her to find a hospital. (But as I’m typing this, I can’t help thinking she’s so strong she should have her own story… I could be wrong.) but afterwards they’ve always had a connection to each other.

    Anyway, Marian still retains most of who she is, but she doesn’t remember what happened or who was in her past she wants to find out but is afraid (for fear she won’t like what she discovers). Also a sidenote: she’s recruited by the government to be a sort of detective/spy/type thing because she’s good at fighting, she can read minds, and they want to keep her under surveillance. they made up a past for her and narrated it to her, saying that she got amnesia in a crash and making her think she should and has to be loyal to her superiors.

    She gradually begins to remember her real past in dreams and memories that come upon her at a sight, smell, sensation, or sound, and then in one traumatic moment everything comes back and it’s so much it throws her into shock, or it cripples her and she’s overwhelmed by grief. Eventually my MC(who becomes a better person over the course of the story) is able to assist her in getting back on her feet and he helps her survive the pain and her fear and distrust of her roots.

    Anyway, there’s Marian’s condition. I guess I could say in short that while consciously she’s forgotten much, subconsciously she still remembers everything.

    We crazy people are the normal ones.

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