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    Karla Van Der Berg

      “After months in the void, Blueberry has surfaced once again!”

      Hi fellow emberites!

      So I recently started a YouTube channel here:

      And I was just curious if other people on here had an story/writing related YouTube channels so that we can help each other out and maybe even collab and stuff? XD

      The Fledgling Artist

      @taylorclogston  has a youtube channel.


      "Though I'm not yet who I will be, I'm no longer who I was."

      I, David

      @blueberry Consider me subscribed.



        KARLAAAAAA! *attacks*


        i subscribed hahaha xD

        Secretly Hedgehog Jones. Don’t tell anyone.

        Taylor Clogston

        @the-fledgling-artist Thanks for the reference :-}

        @blueberry I was really, really trying hard to do a weekly critique-and-other-writing-stuff channel. Officially, I’m still doing it but haven’t put anything out in a while. Life and actual writing come first, and neither of those are really in order right now.

        I’ve never read visual novels, but they interest me! I have a copy of Steins;Gate on Steam I’ve not tried out yet. I’ll be following your project along on YT. Gives me an early 2000s internet feel, which I love.

        "...the one with whom he so sought to talk has already interceded for him." -The Master and Margarita

        Selah CJW


        I followed you! I have a YouTube account here, though it is a bunch of playlists and not stuff I have posted. 🙂

        Assistant Guildmaster of the Awesome Meraki
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        Karla Van Der Berg

          Thanks everyone, Though a bit of an update. The visual novel wasn’t the most well received, but I still want to do stuff on YouTube. Though I am not entirely sure what yet. I might just have a podcast like thing over a video of me drawing or something. Man, youtube is harder than I thought ^_^’

          Taylor Clogston

          @blueberry YouTube is in fact ridiculously hard =P Sorry your visual novel didn’t take off. I do enjoy listening to podcast videos, for whatever it’s worth.

          I do have two channels to recommend here. The associate pastor of my church has a channel he uses for Christian worldview and silly things, like talking about national churro day. And a Christian indie writer friend of mine has a channel where he interviews a bunch of other indie authors, and it’s really cool. You all should check them out =P

          "...the one with whom he so sought to talk has already interceded for him." -The Master and Margarita

          Selah CJW


          For writing purposes, I would also recommend Shadiversity. It is a really good channel as far as realistic and helpful content!

          Assistant Guildmaster of the Awesome Meraki
          ~ Created to create ~


            @blueberry I subscribed to your channel – looking forward to checking it out!

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            Karla Van Der Berg

              Thanks guys! I will have to check these channels out! And brainstorm new YouTube ideas…


              In the meantime I also made a Wattpad account, and released a new Christian story of mine on there. I must warn that it falls under hard Christianity and has language and violence (but doesn’t promote those things since I am a Christian  pacifist I just don’t believe in sugarcoating things), and has some complicated themes. If you would like to check it out here it is:


              YouTube is in fact ridiculously hard =P

              Thank you. If I had a dime for how many people have told me how supposedly easy it is to make money off YouTube, I’d have a few hundred bucks. Yours truly went to actual video editing class and had my ignorance bubbles popped. If you don’t want to actually make video, don’t do YouTube.

              I am going to try again, though. I want to do Choose Your Own Adventure Stories and maybe some poetry readings.

              Sarah, Miss S, Sierepica_Fuzzywalker

              Karla Van Der Berg

                Yeah, youtube is an all or nothing kind of deal not exactly as easy as people insist it is. :p

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