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    @emma-starr Okay…. I’m back. Here we go. *clears throat nervously* (THIS STORY IS SO HARD TO SUMMARIZE)

    (actually I have that problem with all my stories 😆 *pity laughs*)


    The story is about Zebulun, a rising college student, who simply wants to get out of the poor side of town he grew up in and get away from his dad who he has never gotten along with, who suddenly finds himself sucked into a timewar as a pawn in a huge mess of political campaigns when his father is shot and murdered and well… can I say mess again? The heart of the story is about human interaction and hopelessness and depression and how to redeem pasts and move on in life and fight even if you’re the only one.

    Genre:  contemporary timetravel

    Setting: EvErYwHeRe haha. picture a metropolis with an ivy league school. and then some rural America weeds and grease. that’s a big part of it. and then future overpopulated cities falling apart. white sterile insane asylums.

    ~ Some Character Vibes ~

    Zeb (my boi): black jeans, black sweatshirt, untrusting, impulsive, constant anger, desperate, dry humor, likes to be alone

    Charlie (my hearttt *cries*): empathetic, tries to be strong for others, helps others even if it hurts her, also emotionally unsteady, the sarcasm queen, and an adoring younger sister of an protective big dreams brother who died in a fight, but she’s willing to die herself for the cause

    Alex: a literal teddy bear of a friend (Zeb’s bf)

    Roger: no-nonsense, wears sunglasses, crosses arms, drives a jeep, could kill with a punch, in a constant state of *is not impressed* and a man who knows more than anyone else, and lives in the gray area,

    Emmerson: innovative big thinker, head of time-travelers guild in future, head of one side of the war, calm, tries to be empathetic, striving to build a system that works, professional, always in a suit, man of power

    Walter: a man in his fifties looking like he lives in the fifties, trench coat, fedora, generally polite, drives a Buick, smirks, plays the neutral party, confident, amused by other people’s nervousness and angst (looking at you Zeb), likes to poke and prod

    Oh it’s told in first POV for a couple layers of reasons and it was a blast to write.

    …that’s a start, and I’m actually going to (hopefully) post this long ranty post about it next week on my blog because it will be my 51st post and you know… 51 lol. Maybe collages, more vibes, better summary, explanation of how it started, what I’ve learned from it and what I plan to do with it next (… that makes it sound like I’m going to publish it or something. No, not happening at this point xD)


    What do you think???


    @evelyn Oh no. XD I have no clue.

    Wowwwww I can’t wait to read this!!! :)))

    Sounds like Zeb is gonna crush my heart in the best way possible, I’m gonna be rooting for Charlie, I’ll fall in love with Alex, and I’ll be //entertained// by Walter. 😀

    Your theme = <3 <3 <3 I’m drawn to books with those vibes.

    Btw, my theme for my novel is overcoming grief when it changes you. (Also I just hit 5,000+ words!) 🙂

    Spreading God's love until I can see seven billion smiles. 🙂


    @emma-starr Awww thanks Emma. THAT IS THE GOAL lol

    And boy your book’s theme is so amazing. That’s something that I know a lot of people need. Don’t stop writing it, okay? <3

    5,000 words!! CoNgRaTs


    *showers you in happy green leaves for confetti*

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