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    K, so, finished watching all the episodes of Anohana.  And *sniffles* it was SO beautiful towards the ending! I was crying. It’s really great and, if you can get past the few little not-so-great parts, it’s amazing and beautifully sad! :’)

    And whoever has watched Your Name, I got through it too.  That one was kinda sad too; I didn’t cry as much as one Anohana but it was still like, “Whaaat?”  Serious plot twist in there, but so good! I suppose it was worth the almost-two-hours watching it. ;D

    And, @e_elaine_soup5 , I started Yona of the Dawn recently.  Only watched the first episode so far, but wow, what a beginning to the series! It’s so interesting now.

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Viewing 46 post (of 46 total)
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