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    Hey, I’m super new to this and have no idea what I’m doing šŸ™‚


    @shadowwriter161 Hello and welcome to Story Embers! šŸ˜€

    I’m Jess, and I can’t wait to get to know you!

    Eyyy, it’s okay that you’re new. I’ll give it my best shot to give you the general overview of the insane world you just entered.

    1. As you most likely know, this is a forum for Christian writers. We all get together and encourage each other, as well as compete in word wars and other such things.

    2. You are on an introduction thread. This is the place where you introduce yourself to all of the epic humans that are lurking around.

    3. If you look up at your top bar, you can see that Story Embers has a blog. Here is where you’ll find a heap of articles, poems, and stories from our amazing SE Staff.

    4. If you look about on the Forum, you’ll find threads where you can talk about different writing issues, editing, poetry, etc. This is where you’ll meet new people! šŸ™‚

    5. To tag someone, just look at the ‘@’ name under their picture. (e.g. @j-a-penrose)

    6. Generally, just enjoy being here and explore the site! You’ll get to know the regulars soon enough.


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    @shadowwriter161 Hi and welcome!

    there gave you some great advice… sometimes we forget what was like to join in the first place and have no idea what was going on.

    Are you writer? What kind of things do you like to write?

    I hope Story Embers isn’t to overwhelming at this point! Feel free to tag me if you have any questions!


    @j-a-penrose Thank you for the welcome šŸ™‚

    I admit, Iā€™m a bit unsure of myself right now, but I know that will pass.

    I like to write teen fiction mostly…. but I dabble here and there in other things.

    Sorry if Iā€™m rambling. I have no idea what Iā€™m doing, or if Iā€™m doing it right.


    @shadowwriter161 To be honest, you can’t really ramble too much for this group. šŸ˜‰

    Y.A fiction and teen fiction appears to be a pretty common genre around here. šŸ˜› I’m a Y.A. writer, and I’m pretty sure @evelyn also aims her work to teens. šŸ˜€


    If you look here, you can ask and answer questions about writing, editing, characters, and all that jazz. That’s where most of our members hang out.

    If you want to have a sneak-peek at how you may be needing to progress in your writing, then check out this quiz! Really helpful. *nodnod*

    Also, if you’re more of a small-group person, you can sign up to join a guild. The guilds are just groups of writers who work together and get to know each other on a smaller scale than the hundred or so on the entire forum. (Only issue with the guilds is that there is usually a long line of people waiting to get sorted, so it could take a little while.)

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    @j-a-penrose Glad to know rambling is ok here (You’ll find I tend to do it a lot :P)

    I’m quite new at this whole “Writing books” thing in general, never even though about it till a few years ago, so I’m welcome to any and all advice šŸ™‚


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