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    Hey y’all. It’s been while since I have been active on here i know. Life hit I guess *laughs nervously. Anyways, here I am, with a pressing question on my mind:

    I am a freelance artist, who consists in digital art only. Just my thing. All of my life, I have loved to draw characters from stories, do little pieces for friends, character design, and so forth. Recently though I have become more solid in my art style, and more confident, as I can replicate a similar style each time I draw. XD I mainly do art just for fun, personal enjoyment, or for friends who would like their character drawn. I have an art Instagram account as well ( it is @smudge_viel if you would like to check it out)

    However, my mind has been stuck on this thought lately: “Am I good enough for commissions?”

    Personally, I would love to do something I love that other people would enjoy. I understand the joy of seeing your character, or yourself in an artwork form. It really is the coolest thing. And I would really like to maybe sell art commissions, mainly catering to characters and similar things.

    I am an artist, who is at that point were I would really like to start making some money. And for life reasons, I need to find out how to make some money on the side for life. For example, I would love to be able to buy my first car this year without going into debt. But, I need to find a way to make enough money for that, so why not start with something I love to do. 🙂

    I have talked to some close friends of mine about my idea, and they think it is good. But I would love the opinion of people who don’t know me personally after seeing my artwork. I have included some examples of my artwork so y’all can see what I am working with. 🙂

    Please let me know what you think. My question is simple really. If you were looking for a character commission, would you commission me? Don’t worry, this is just a question and sort of test, so I will not come back and ask if you are interested. Unless you really are, then just let me know haha. XD

    Also, I have no experience with payments and such, I’m guessing if I were to, I would use paypal? If you have experience in such things, please feel free to include that as well. I am open to any ideas.

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    Here is the link, let me know if it works please:


    ISTP. Check out my art instagram @smudge_viel Fueled by my family, friends, and lots of tea.



    Hey, long time no see. XD Your art has improved a lot! *high five* Super cool style too. I would say go for it… I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? Personally, I would be happy with the quality of your artwork. What platform would you be using to sell it on? Just through your Instagram, or something like Etsy? Also, I noticed that all the pieces in your portfolio are guys. Would you only be drawing male characters?

    Edit: Obviously it’s a big help to have a portfolio too… that way your customers would have a good feel for what they will be getting.

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    Claire is right. Just go for it. Your art is really good.

    I think most people just use PayPal, but I’m really not sure. That’s what I’ve used in the past.😄

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    After looking through your examples, I would say there’s nothing that should keep you from starting to do character commissions.  You already have a bold style and easily recognizable color scheme.

    What I would recommend is sitting down and coming up with a basic plan and guidelines for yourself.  What do you want to draw? What won’t you draw? Will you require a downpayment? How much do you want to make an hour (which then requires figuring out how long it takes you, materials, etc.)?  Where will you advertise?  Etc.  I’d recommend Paypal.  Thus far, in the world of online shenanigans, it’s given me little to no trouble.

    The overall look and feel of your characters is striking.  I would recommend though, if you’re serious about it, doing some intensive sketching work (digital or in a notebook) of anatomy.  From personal experience, drawing what you see is the first step in art.  The second would be the nitty gritty, if you’re looking to do characters, of knowing anatomy.  Reference photos are important but in composing new characters, eventually you’ll have to invent something.  To make it convincing, comes from hours of having sketched the real deal.  You build an extensive inner knowledge.  NOW, none of that was to say your anatomy is terribly off.  At all.  As someone who’s actually on this journey, this is what I’m running in to in needing to work on.  In my opinion, that is what eventually will set someone apart in the digital world; that basic knowledge of anatomy.   Robert Marzullo has a lot of really great Youtube tutorials that help you build basic figures and work on anatomy.  The Andrew Loomis method is also extremely helpful.



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