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    Normally, I have no problems with my villains. In fact, I sometimes like them better than the MC. *which totally doesn’t say anything about me* *stop looking at me like that* But I have got a problem child on my hands. The essence of my problems: he doesn’t know what he wants out of life. He doesn’t have a nefarious plan, motivation for a nefarious plan, OR ANYTHING. He’s also kind of manifestation of the worst qualities of all my MCs. Something that will scare each on of them because they see it in themselves, if you will. But, he doesn’t have a real reason for entering the plot, so he’s just kind of… there.

    The premise of this story: four characters escape their book and live semi-peacefully in the real world until the villain (he doesn’t even have a real name yet wow I am in bad shape) escapes the book as well. What happens next, you might ask? He does EVIL stuff, that’s what.

    So you see where the problem is, yes? So please, shower me with suggestions. Tips. Anything. Please.

    Not going to tag anyone because I’m lazy I have a bad memory for them. So, *puts message in a bottle and throws it out to sea*

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    @ncstokes *Clears throat* *Straightens tie* Right. Some questions.

    1. What are the villains strengths and weaknesses?

    #2 What does the villain value?

    Three. What does the hero value?

    4) How exactly do the hero and villain reflect each other? (Good job doing that, by the way.)

    9 -4. Out of curiosity, who is the MC?

    I had this idea for a great villain motivation that probably won’t fit, but I like it anyways. The villain has a child/sibling(because children of villains are overused and sibling relationships are cool)/best friend(because the villain can deeply care for someone who isn’t a blood relative) who is dying/cursed and the only way to save them is to “destroy a hundred innocent souls” or something evilish like that for a spell. The villain doesn’t want to kill the people in his world. He knows them and chats with them at the grocery store and waves at them as he goes to work every morning. However, he doesn’t know or care about the people in this other strange world, so he feels less guilt over destroying their souls to save the loved one.

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    I’d say that maybe trying to write some random stuff from the villains POV might help. Not anything for your story. Just completely random stuff. Good job with having the villain counteract the protagonists BTW. I might be able to help more if you answer @princess-foo questions as well.

    (-realizes how long ago this thread was made- Unless you’ve already figured it out, in which case, don’t mind me.)

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    @kari-karast Thank you! I was so caught up in NaNoWriMo, I kind of forgot to check back on this thread. I’ll try that.

    Hello stranger. 😛 I copied your questions to another document so I could work on them. So that’s why I never answered. *jazz hands* Good questions, all of them.

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    @ncstokes Maybe he has an identity crisis. The change of world makes him feel like he has no place in life so he acts desperate. Maybe he’s trying to get attention or maybe he’s just clinging to villainy as a tie to his old world or maybe he wants to create a larger than life persona so he can feel above the rest of the world.

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    @ncstokes What if, crazy random idea here, he wants to kill you (his author) cause he’s mad at his horrible life. BUT you still haven’t written the story down yet(you have been very busy with life), so if you die they(the four characters and villain) will all cease to exist. Because until the book is finished they existence, but you can still change things (or *gasp* delete it.). Once the author finishes it’s done. Set in stone. There’s the world. Tada! And it exists as long as at least one copy still exists. If the last copy is destroyed, they will only live in the minds of the people who remember the book. And when everyone who remembers the book dies all the characters cease to exist. 😀
    That… got intriguing.
    Also, deju vu happens when they do something similar to a deleted scene. Or something like, “I thought the door was red.” When the author changes a detail.
    They forget what they were going to say, when the author backspaces their “talking”.
    I thought about the author being able to make them do stuff by writing on paper (so basically she/you have powers.), but who am I kidding. Some days our characters don’t listen to us. Some maybe it works sometimes? XD
    More thoughts… :3

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