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    Ava Murbarger

    Okay, so one of the main characters in my book is Rune. She’s fiery and brave, though obviously not completely without fear, and is a seer. If anyone has a special kind of crystal on them, she can see everything that’s happening around them. And as a seer, a few dragons are capable of directing where her “visions” take her. On top of that, any pain from the visions occurs in her real life, even though there are no real wounds. So even though she’s pretty much the strongest character and great with a sword, she’s stuck in a weakened state for most of the book.

    Is it a bad thing to do this to a character, or does it just show how they handle it? As one of the most important characters, she is pulled in all directions with her visions, and incapable of defending herself when the visions happen. What would you add or change? I would love some advice.

    PS. The story is in kind of a medieval-fantasy setting in its own world. I would love to hear about any other fantasy worlds as well!

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