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    I didn’t want to do this.. but, i have a complaint/problem with SE about the short story contest.. i don’t know who does it, but i think at the beginning ya’ll should have said ‘the story you entered can’t be submitted at a later time’

    Because this was me working on Saving through Suffering thinking ‘Oh i should enter this, it probably won’t place but if it doesn’t i could probably just get it published on the site later, because i think it’s good enough, and fits with the christian premise.’

    But then i just learned you can’t publish it after you entered it into the story contest.

    The girl i was talking to on email said it’s because just the winners get published. But maybe you see it as that, but it’s not, it’s for the prize, and getting published. They could probably get published any day on here, because it’s good  enough they didn’t need to enter the contest if they just wanted it published, they thought the prize was cool, and the add on of it getting published is good. Tons of the people who entered but didn’t place i bet could get published, without entering the story contest. Get what i’m saying?

    So saying no for after you submit into something, that you can’t send it as a submission, is just saying only the two best of ya’ll will only get published.. which means none of the rest of us will, even if that was our best work, like it was mine. So if i knew i couldn’t, i wouldn’t have entered at all. Because i would’ve just sent it in as a submission. Because i’m 98% sure STS was something ya’ll would publish, but on my other stories i’m 99% sure that they are something you wouldn’t publish, just not right premise, or good enough writing.

    Do you see why i was kind of upset about this?

    Because non of the rest of my stuff is something ya’ll would publish, so now i’m probably *not* going to be published anywhere..


    sorry didn’t want to do a complaint on ya’ll because you’re so helpful.. but i think this issue should have been thought about.



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    Daeus Lamb

    @katthewriter Oh, I’m sorry about that. 🙁 I really hope inspiration comes to you in droves and you’ll be able to write many more masterpieces.

    As for your concern, I’m on the board and as long as my memory doesn’t collapse I’m going to try to bring this up for discussion at our next meeting. I know the people who put together the story contest are very caring and smart people who took time putting together the guidelines, but we’ll see if there’s anything we can learn from this so we aren’t disappointing our writers. 🙂

    👖 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢


    @Daeus-lamb It’s okay.. it’s not your fault.

    The problem is i don’t think i’ll have good enough inspiration of something that short.. short stories are hard for me, because i want to turn them all into novels. :/


    Okay, thank you!

    Josiah DeGraaf

    Hey @katthewriter!

    I understand why this may seem frustrating if it felt like you had a really good story and blew your chances for publication by entering a contest with a rule you weren’t aware of. Let me see if I can clarify our policy and your specific situation.

    Our current policy is not to publish other contest stories immediately following the contest. We’re open to considering the same stories a few months later or so if they’ve been further-revised and polished, but since most (though not all) of the stories submitted for the contest didn’t meet our minimum publication requirements, this is a way to save us time from having to potentially re-review (and reject) a lot of entries after this last contest. From our experience, this is a standard unspoken rule for story contests in general, which is why we didn’t explicitly mention it in the first post.

    With your particular story, I’m glad it was an achievement for you and you put a lot of work into it. Just so you know, though, currently it doesn’t hit our publication standards for stories we publish on the site. Whether you submitted it to the contest or not wouldn’t make a difference in this particular case. I’d be happy to elaborate on this via email if you want to discuss your story further (josiah@storyembers.org). To give some perspective, only 30% or so of the stories we receive actually get published, so it’s pretty difficult to get stories published on this site. Writing is a long, hard slog that is filled with many rejections–including for myself (I’m currently querying for one of my novels and receiving a fair bit of that). My encouragement would be not to let this discourage you but to look for other venues (we’re not the only site publishing fiction out there) and use this as further motivation to continue to grow and master the craft of writing.

    Hope this helps to clarify things. If you have further questions, either on this or any future issue you may run into, please feel free to email us at info@storyembers.org or myself specifically at josiah@storyembers.org. We tend to be able to respond more fully and personally to issues when handled in those venues. 🙂

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    I might email you later i’m not sure.. i fainted from exhaustion today while working with a horse.. so i don’t feel in the best mood at the moment..


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