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    Hey! I’m a beginner…so to speak…I don’t count all that art curriculum in high school. I’ve like the anime/manga style ever since I found it and I’m looking for ways to improve. Here’s what I’ve done:

    Sorry you had to look at my wendigo. But I’m pretty bad with girls hair. Not especially great with guys but they look better than my girls. Also my noses need help.

    Any tips? Thankssssssss

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    The best advice anyone can ever give anyone, in relation to wanting to improve their art, is to keep drawing. The only way to get better, is to draw. With every drawing, regardless of what it feels like, you are learning and improving. Just like the first three stories one writes won’t be amazing, neither will the first hundred sketches one makes.

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    If you want some more specific advice though, it rather looks like you’re trying to draw with lines instead of shapes. (I think this is something most people do earlier on. I’m sure I did.) Lines are of course important, but finding those exact lines usually comes after using shapes to construct the forms of what you’re drawing.

    I suggest using references (of real people, if you can. Looking at someone else’s art is better then not looking at anything at all, but if you learn like that, you’ll pick up on all the original artist’s mistakes, along with the things they’re doing right. So to avoid teaching yourself any bad habits, it’s better to look at a photograph, or even better, at a live model. (like yourself, or a sibling.) )

    Try to teach yourself to find all the shapes that make up people, and anything else you want to draw. This will be really hard at first, but it gets easier.

    Some examples just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

    Please keep in mind, I literally traced these. Real sketches are gonna be messier then this. 🙂

    Ehem, also, since the human form (and, most things in real life) is so complicated, different artists will simplify and break things down with different shapes. The exact shapes I see when I look at something, may not be the exact shapes that you, or anyone else sees when looking at the same object. 🙂

    Any questions?

    I’ll tag some a few other artsy people for you.

    @ori-art @slisby @sarahinkdragon

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    @scarletimmortalized Well, I don’t know what to add anymore. I agee with everything @the-fledgling-artist said. Try to think about shapes. Even when drawing hair, or noses or eyes. Basically with everything. This might be a little hard at first, but the more you do it the better it will get!

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    @scarletimmortalized Hi hi! So I 100% agree with all that @the-fledgling-artist said ^-^ but I also recommend finding as many tutorials you can (manga/anime or something completely different!) and just play around with them as much as you can. That’s how I learned– but I mean, also take ’em with a grain of salt. They’re pretty useful for when you want to focus on learning a specific thing, but as The Fledgling Artist said, you might also pick up some bad habits from the artist who created them.

    I can’t really think of any other useful tips, but don’t be afraid to try anything! Want to try and draw an epic pose for your character? Do it! Have a big idea/project that you don’t think you have enough talent for? Do it anyway! It might not turn out the way you imagined it, but good golly gosh your xp bar just went up by a mile. You can look at all the references and tutorials in the world but if you don’t try em out for yourself, you’ll find yourself getting nowhere fast.

    …also I really like the last drawing of the girl, the hair look pretty good in my opinion! <3

    (and sorry, I’m not sure if any of that was advice you were looking for in particular… I tend to ramble xD)

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    Hey! I just wanted to pop in and ask how you’ve been doing lately. Ya’know, like with art.  … How goes it?

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