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    For my own stories, I ended up going the route of using ethnicities that don’t directly correspond to any in our world today. Because a major theme in the books is the ugliness that results when people choose to hate each other for stupid reasons, I wanted to mirror the real world only in generalities, not in specifics, if that makes sense. I’d rather look at the heart of the problem and not get sidetracked worrying how people would respond if I used (real world) ethnic slurs, etc.

    It’s unlikely that you’d be able to create an in-depth, realistic character without any reference to his appearance, ethnicity, or nationality…hey, even his name is likely to give some of that away. But I have to agree with @legomaiego–unless the character’s ethnic background is an important, recurring theme in the story (as it happens to be in some of mine) there’s probably no need for more than a casual mention or two.

    And yes, @devastate-lasting there’s nothing more frustrating than the misrepresentation of a (real world) nationality/ethnicity. I’d have to agree that I’d rather see it not represented at all. But I do find it funny that you think Asian jocks are hard to come by. I guess it depends on what part of Asia you hail from…

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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