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    Yo, homies! I would like some critique for some artwork I did a month or so ago. It’s promo art, but I still feel there are things I could have done better—anatomy, shading, backgrounds, color theory, even how I placed the words and stuff to catch the eye… woof. There’s a list of things I need to improve on, haha. 😂

    Anyway, here it is. (:

    Feel free to be completely honest. <3 (Though I am a big softy, so some softness would be appreciated, but totally not necessary XD If you have to be blunt to be honest, PLEASE BE BLUNT!)

    Thanks so much!

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    The Fledgling Artist

    I don’t know much about promo type artwork, but I really love this!! I loveee the purple/blue color scheme so much. And I love the sketchy font for the title and the bright blue painty splatters around your name.

    I’ll try to examine it better, but right off the bat, I like it a lot. I bet it took you forever to make that. 😀

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    @h-jones I love it! I really like the colours, the font, the background, the swirly clouds and the character! You have such a sweet style! It makes me curious about the story 🙂

    There’s one thing I noticed though, (don’t worry, I wont be blunt, I’m a big softy too haha). I think the character is supposed to look up a bit? The chin looks a little awkward. Faces in perspective can be hard and I still struggle with this myself. So I drew a little thing to explain what I mean.

    Most of the time, when someone is looking up, their jaw and chin form a straight line. The only time it will form a triangle is when someone is looking really really reeeaaallly up or if you were to look at them from below. The facial features get closer together. They also tend to bow down as if they were laying on a rainbow shape. I think you did that pretty well.

    A great help for drawing the face in perspective are ears. When you look straight ahead, the ears are usually between the nose and the eyebrows. But the moment the face looks up, the ears turn down. If you are drawing someone looking down, the ears will go up again. You don’t have to draw ears (I really like the way you painted her hair!), but it will help to show the perspective the face is in.

    Other than that, I really love this piece! I don’t think you really have to change anything. This was just something that I noticed and someone else might not notice it at all. Her body is also drawn really well. This could pass as the front page of a comic! What’s the character’s name? 🙂

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    @the-fledgling-artist *cries* such high praise wow x’D it took probably a total of… idk, lol. I know I worked on it sporadically over the course of a few days tho xDDD

    JHFEJHDF THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That is incredibly helpful, hahaha I have the worst time doing heads looking up and have been wanting to really learn how for a long time. I’ve already drawn a few sketches of what you said and oh man, it looks so much better hahaha <3 thank you!

    Married a blacksmith, and now frequently uses his knowledge for writing fantasy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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