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Sarah Inkdragon

I’ve read both the ‘condensed’ version of Les Miserables, watched the movie, and I’m working my way through the brick. 😉 It’s a wonderful story, and Fantine’s descent is certainly to be noted.

Frankenstein is on my to-be-read list, though I have listened to some of the musical and it’s quite nice. I’m looking forward to see how exactly Mary Shelley handles the introduction of so-called “resurrection” from the dead, and how she handles the themes of toying with a human life in the pursuit of knowledge, etc. Frankenstein has always been an interesting concept to me, I’ve just never gotten around to reading it.

As for horror in general – I honestly don’t mind it. I don’t like modern horror, obviously, but classical horror is quite good at times. The Phantom of the Opera is…. to be honest, I hated the movie. I will reserve judgement until I read the book, however. The concept of a slow descent into depravity like in Les Miserables is something I like very much, and that feeling of horror when you see what people are willing to do sometimes such as in Fantine’s case is quite powerful.

Overall, I don’t have much to say, considering I never really grew up on this genre and I haven’t gotten around to reading much myself. But I’m rather looking forward to it. 😉

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