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Eden Anderson

@r-m-archer That is perfectly understandable. I need my sleep so I’m gonna try to go to bed early and hopefully that’ll help me be refreshed and ready to go tomorrow. 😀

It’s still feels kind of surreal that it’s starting TOMORROW.





Finished Chapter 8 and wrote Chapters 9 through 12 plus another scene that takes place later in the book. It’s not nearly as much as I would like to have done but hey, progress is progress.

Scene I’m Most Looking Forward to Writing: Probably the scene where there is this dramatic revealing that completely changes everybody’s life. (okay, so maybe it’s not quite that dramatic…😛) Also, the scene where the love interest realizes that she’s falling in love because awww, how sweet…you love him now but in like three chapters I’m going to completely destroy your pretty little heart FOREVER. *villainous cackling* Also, all those fight scenes. (but I’m also kind of dreading them because what do I know of these things?)

"But how could you live and have no story to tell?" - Fyodor Dostoyevsky