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Kayla Skywriter

Would your character rather never have to eat again (and be nutritionally fine) or never need to breathe (but their heart keeps beating and all that)?

Alex: I don’t want to have to eat. It is a waste of time. I can breathe and do all sorts of stuff, but I have to take time to eat.

Jayden: *Holds breath*

Jane: *holds breath with Jayden*

Calin: I like eating, and if I didn’t have to eat I wouldn’t be hungry which would take all the fun out of eating. So I’ll take not breathing.

Lonan: For magic system reasons It would be awesome to not have to breathe.

Lloyd: If I didn’t have to eat I could give all my food away to those that need it.

Hari: I never want to eat again, there isn’t enough food to go around.

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