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Kayla Skywriter

@naiya-dyani Thanks. I’m getting much better, but I still have a way to go.

Now for the questions. *giggles fiendishly*

1. How is she likely to act under intense pressure (like, life-and-death pressure)?

While I’ve been in very few life and death pressure situations I’ll do my best.

First of all, I barely react unless I actually consider it dangerous. For example, last night my dog came in from outside limping. I didn’t freak out, at all. She wasn’t squealing, bleeding, or refusing to walk, so I didn’t even worry. I know from previous experiance that this just sometime happens and with time it will go away.

That said I do sometimes get the “calm on the outside crazy on the inside” feeling. This usually happens when I don’t know what’s happening. Not like when someone gets upset because of something on phone. When that happens I just wait. But like when my sister’s dog had a seizure. That was when everyone else was freaking but I was calm. I comforted my little sister and then I watched the dog. I got enough information from those few minutes to be able to predict when the dog was going to have a seizure a day in advance.

So with that a basic sumury is: if I don’t have enough information I panic, but I still remain calm on the outside.

One last thing before the next question. When I’m in a situation that actually scares me, I get really scared. Like my legs start shaking and everything. Now that’s just me. But the personality part of it is that my mind races. I start logically going through everything to find either a way to get out of it, stop it, or very calmly get through it. All the while I look terrified and my hands are sweating like crazy. And yet, I remain in control. The second anyone else takes control I just wilt, but if I’m in a posistion of authority I will get everyone through it.

2. How is might she act around people she cares about, and how would she express her love for them?

When I really care about people you can tell because I open up a lot more. I brainiac as I call it. Which means I’m not afraid to just let it all go. I’m not afraid to show that I think differently. I’m not a genius, thought I’m nowhere near stupid, but when I trust the people I’m with I’m not afraid to guess. And when I allow myself to guess I look a lot smarter because I don’t have to over analyze everything I say. But I don’t know if that’s an INTJ thing.

As for showing how I care about people, I know them. I learn everything I can about them. How they think, what they like, why they like it, are all things I want to know about them. Then I take that knowledge and use it to bother them as little as possible. Sometimes I intentionally push their buttons, but when I’m trying to show I care I will do everything I can to get them to not even notice me. If  I know their mad I don’t hide to avoid the anger I hide so I don’t bother them. If they’re sad I make them happy, and if they’re happy I’m happy with them. And if they just need someone to talk to I’m there, not that many people take me up on that.

3. How might she react if someone she cares about talks about things that matter to them or about hard things in their life (both internal and external reactions)?

I don’t mind when people talk about things that matter. I like it, in fact. Externally I pay very close attention to what they’re saying (I often tip my head to the left a little, but that’s just a personality quirk I intentionally developed). Internally I’m paying attention to, but to different things. I analyze everything. I figure out what I need to do, and what they want me to do. I also store everything away for later recall, not to blackmail them, but to use to help understand them.

I always listen, even if it’s just to my sister talking about her favorite Halmark movie that I still think is just like the others. But, I hunger for people to talk about things that really matter, because in my mind everything matters.

Also I’m not likly to touch them while this is going on, unless I know that they really need it.

4. How is she likely to react to seeing someone she cares about being bullied (verbally and physically)?

I know what I do when someone I care about is in physical danger, but not necessesarilly bullied. My little sister was in a pen with me and about four horses when one of them got a little too rowdy with her. I instantly made that horse yeild. I didn’t beat it up, I don’t think I even touched it, but I know a lot about horses and I made it back up, fast.

As for bullying, I don’t know. I’ve never been around a lot of bullying.  I’ve never been bullied. If I was, I’d stand up to the bully, but I’m too intimidating of a figure for anyone to try.

Now that I’m thinking about it, there are many times that my sisters or my friends have been picked on, but I can’t remember them. There is something that happens when someone gets bullied, I do something then I forget. I just can’t remember bullies. Sorry, this is weird, I need to think on this.

How we chose to fight is just as important as what we fight for

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