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Rainy Emily

And finally I’ve gotten around to writing you a description of my book…

Title: Course to Earth

Genre: Science fiction/ futuristic

Synopsis: Erin Shadows has been searching for her brother, Jacker Shadows,  for a long time: ever since her parents died and she was saved my Cami.

But it’s not hard when your occupation is chief security officer of the international trade system. You travel a lot when there’s nineteen galaxies full of trade systems.

Eighteen years Erin has been successful and powerful but she isn’t happy. But for some reason she sees peace in her first mate, Sander that she can’t find. Same with the joy and carefreeness of her second mate, Jackson. 

But then there is Cami. Ruler of all civilisation. Also her best friend. And crush. But suddenly he asks her a question. One that sends her fleeing to Earth: a planet that has been uninhabited for years.
But surprisingly she uncovers some answers to her confusing life. And sends it spinning through the stars.

Also I’m now officially addicted to making aesthetics for my characters:

If you liked those then tell me which one was your favourite and I can make you some if you like!

If you would like me to, I’ll need a picture or description of your character and their role in your story. Edits are aloud afterwards if needed. 😁

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