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Cassie Hartfinh

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…I believe an apology and a free virtual pizza party are in order.

Six months and two weeks ago, as my Story Embers profile so tactfully reminds me, I began this forum thread in an attempt to garner beta readers for my first fantasy story, The Dhilorwis Saga, Book 1. At the time, I was barely 50,000 words in, or about halfway through. You guys were all excited to read my story and provide feedback, and for all you have done already since then, I can never thank you enough.

However, over the course of those six months, I ran into a host of problems which caused me to be unable to add to my story consistently and in a timely manner. Those problems included a lack of inspiration, writer’s block, getting laid off from my job, spending a month being unemployed and scrambling to get a new job, becoming too busy when I finally did get a new job, then switching jobs again because, praise the Lord, I landed my career at my library, and to top it all off, the Shadows were constantly chasing me around and infecting me with endless bouts of depression throughout all these events. These past 6 months have been absolutely insane, and quite the hectic rollercoaster. For not writing as much as I could have and for keeping you all waiting this long, guys, I am so so sorry and I hope you can forgive me. *throws pizza party peace offering*

BUT!!! This post is not all rainclouds and soggy sandwiches!! (because ew.) I am ecstatic to announce that I have overcome all of these struggles, I have grown so much over the past half-year, and YES, I have FINISHED BOOK 1 AT LAST!!!! The entire Dhilorwis novel has finally been uploaded onto the Google Doc, and is ready for you to read! That is, if you are all still available. If not, I thank you for all you have done up to this point.

BUT IF YOU ARE READY FOR ADVENTURE, then please follow the link at the bottom of this post, read my book, tear it to shreds, comment, point out every flaw, suggest as many corrections as possible, laugh, cry, and have a good swordfight or two!! And please comment at least once so I know who has dedicated their precious time to reading my precious project. 😉 Also, if you could have it all beta-read by the end of 2019, that’d be EPIC!!

From now on, in order to never cause this kind of inconvenience again, I will only ask for beta readers AFTER I’ve written the ENTIRE FIRST DRAFT of my book. I have learned the hard way.

Thanks guys! Enjoy the story–but more importantly, help me make it as perfect as possible! Because guess what?? I want to pitch it to a REAL LIVE CHRISTIAN PUBLISHER!!!

Farewell for now, fellow Wonderments!


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