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Livi Ryddle

@eden-anderson Yep!

*gasps* I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT APPLE CIDER OMW!!! Thanks for getting it! 😛

Thanks! I’m a little scared cause the last, and only other, time I tried to write a mystery, it ended up being five pages of really badly written Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. :/

Yes! Please do! I’m gonna need all the reminders I can get!

Ooh, nice! So, I’m curious… How do you go about outlining? This is the first time I’ve tried to actually write one seriously, and I’m wondering how much different people’s methods vary.



I’m working on what I hope is the final, or almost final, stage of my outline. ( @wordsmith Exactly what all else am I doing after this?)  Buddy’s been coaching me through it, which has been helping more than I’d like to admit 😛 (Thanks again!!)

Uhm… What else… Yeah. That’s that. Oh yeah! Scene I’m most excited to write! That’d probably be actually just about the whole couple of first chapters, honestly. Where I introduce the setting and characters, kinda let you get to know them, etc. I really like my MC, so I’m excited for the part where I introduce him! 😀 😀

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