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Well. Because I’m me, I’ve been afflicted by the illness known as ‘changing your mind’ yet again. (And bc Rune ended up getting into a different RP.) I’m not going to put Rune in, and instead I’m going to put in Zerach Hestin, Wisteria’s husband. (So remember how I said his temporary name was Justin? I’ve settled on his actual name, which is Zerach. Any further mentions of anyone named Justin is now referring to Wisteria’s cousin.) Also, he’s on the Doc. I’ve also updated Wisteria a tad.


Keldan walked slowly, making sure Gin could match his pace, helping her. He didn’t try any of the doors in the hall, doubting they led to an exit. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was looking for, but he knew he’d at least know it when he saw it. He hoped.


Zerach paced on top of the warehouse’s roof, his cloak swirling behind him. It wasn’t like Wisteria to be late. And it’d been over an hour. He was worried. No. He was more than worried. He… was scared. He made a face. He never liked being scared. A movement on the ground made him pull his hood further over his face. He crouched, waiting for the person to pass. He was already conspicuous by his clothes, which weren’t normal in any way. Most people were coats or jackets instead of cloaks. Except mages. Some of them, at least. And Zerach preferred the traditional mage’s clothes to modern ones.

When the footsteps faded, Zerach stood back up. He’d had enough waiting. Wisteria would’ve contacted him in some way if the Maerowhen had another mission pop up. She had to be in trouble. He didn’t care if he was wanted, he was going after her. He expanded his maroon aura in a perfect sphere. Then he traced a runic circle around and beneath him with his foot. The lines glowed the same shade as his aura. He started chanting, combining a locate spell and a teleportation spell. When he finished, both his aura and the circle flashed blindingly bright. He had to close his eyes against the light.

He opened his eyes. He didn’t recognize his surroundings. A small room, like a cell. He spotted the barred door. It was a cell. Then he saw his wife, collapsed in the middle of the room. He rushed over and gathered her into his arms. “Wis?” She was pale, breathing heavily. He glowered, vowing to punish whoever had hurt her. He glanced around, taking more time to notice things. Which was when he saw the other two women there. They were both staring at him in shock. “Who are you? Who did this? Where is this?” he fired off a bombardment of questions.

"You can dance with my henchman."

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