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Eden Anderson

@selah-chelyah Thank you for your contributions. *places pizza and hot chocolate in steadily growing stock pile* They are appreciated! 😊Stalking is allowed, I suppose. 😉

And feel free to post your word counts and last sentences. THE MORE THE MERRIER!!


You’re not the only one panicking! XD I had a Christmas-y mashup/retelling thing to mash three different concepts (which I don’t want to share quite yet), but it may have turned vaguely into about 16 retellings (give or take) in one story… *facepalm* I’m insane. XD

Oh. Wow. That sounds intense. 😲 Suddenly all the things I’m stressing about in my story suddenly seem very small. 😂 Go you for doing NaNoWriMo despite the craziness!

HEY!! I was hoping you’d show up. 😊

And to build on that, maybe any of us last-minute planners can do a similar thing for the last few days of October in relation to our outlining/other plotting?

Excellent idea! Let’s do it!

It has cool relationship dynamics and an awesome setting and I’m super excited to dive into it! ^-^

I’m super excited about this one! And it’s not even my story. 🙃

Of course!


Anyway, even though I’m not a 50,000-word WriMo, I’m still participating and love the word-count and favorite sentence idea! I’ll be sure to bring extreme chocolate moose tracks when November cometh!

Whatever your goal is, you are more than welcome! And the extreme chocolate moose tracks is greatly appreciated! 😄

@millennium Hey, guys, I’m a first timer too! And I’m also freaking out…so you’re not alone. 🙃 FIRST TIMERS UNITE!!

YAY!! I’m glad you stopped in! 😄



"But how could you live and have no story to tell?" - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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