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HEEELLLLOOOO THERE! (forgive me, I am overly obnoxious–only on the inside though xD) Welcome to SE. 🙂 I am incredibly surprised that I knew what “I’m Nobody, Who are you?” was from, since I rarely read poetry, lol. But, I did buy a book of her poems out of the blue, and they’re so much better than a lot I’ve read. 😛

Ah! I’m so happy to see another Gene Straton-Porter fan. I love Girl of the Limberlost so muuuuccchhh! I didn’t like At the Foot of the Rainbow, though. Have you read it? I didn’t mind The Keeper of the Bees, but I just couldn’t finish it. I love Freckles though! I love Charles Dickens as well! My favorite of his is Great Expectations at the moment. What is your favorite of his? Would you say you like The Chronicles of Narnia better or The Lord of the Rings? It’s pretty hard to choose, but I’d go with Narnia. <3 Have you read C.S Lewis’ Space Trilogy?

Anywho, it’s so good to have you here! <3

Barney Fife
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