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Jane Maree

@wisdomofprose Hey! So glad I noticed this thread. A great question!

First of all, I haven’t actually written anything for Story Embers due to being busy with other duties, but I’ve got a fair amount of experience in writing articles in general, as well as a familiar knowledge of the spirit and goal of the SE team! With that, let me give you some little pointers.


  • Write about something you’re passionate and knowledgeable about. If you have passion and knowledge and experience in a topic, it’ll show through the article to make it an impactful read.
  • Pick your topic and split it into different headings. Have a look at the layout of the articles already posted on here; they’re all neatly formatted into an overall topic, then the different aspects and points the author makes about said topic. Kind of like writing an essay, if you’re much of an English person. 😛 It should have an introduction section, then split up the content of the article/lesson into easy to read chunks. And an ending that feels natural and kind of wraps it up a bit. Think of the different points you want to make to the readers of your articles, as that can help work out what each header section will be.
  • When you can, focus on faith aspects too! We can go anywhere online for general writing advice, but SE is one of the few places where we post writing AND Jesus in one. 😉


Other than that, you can check out the Submissions page if you haven’t already. And if there’s any more specific questions, please don’t hesitate to tag me! 😊

Hope that helped!

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