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The one for this week a still a little rough. But I don’t have anything else prepared, so here it is. I had a title, but then I scratched it soo, it needs one.

When the sky splits and shatters
It scatters hail and fire on you life
And the life where you existed
Is twisted up in winds of strife

When in fierce thunders that throb
A sob seems lost, unheard in chaos
Yet the brave hearts give a cry
To the sky “For Him I’ll endure ”

Brave heart one who stands firm when the flow
Undertow pulls against all that’s true
Brave heart one who fights all alone
With broken bone and all bruised and blue
I’ll be brave, a brave heart.

When enemies enter in
Seem to win over everything right
They ransack safety and joy
They deploy doubt to fight your faith

They pack punches hard as rock
They mock the life you’ve always stood for
Those you love they snatch away
Yet day by day I’ll be a brave heart

Brave heart one who knows what they believe
Never leave the standard of the King
Brave heart one who gives their life
Let the knife shed their blood so another can live
I’ll be brave, a brave heart.

Blood hot and bold I’ll set ablaze
Live in ways that they’ve never seen
Faith for a shield.Truth wrapped around
Stand my ground I’ll fight for a God unseen
I’ll be brave, a brave heart.

Oh, Lord, make me a brave heart
Set apart to serve them for You
And be true to the Words You gave
I’ll be brave, a brave heart.

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.