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Hi! Sorry, it never alerted me that you’d replied. Technology is weird sometimes, haha.

Playing basketball in a cloud sounds pretty cool. I used to actually compete in another sport, but – as it turns out – I didn’t enjoy competition very much. 😉

I do not play any instruments. But I wish I did. I used to take piano lessons, and I kinda wish I still did. I do like to sing though, so there’s that, lol.

Do you play any instruments?



Hey! Don’t worry about it, I know life can get crazy sometimes. 😀

Wow, that would great if you could beta read for me! So, how does one go about sending their story to someone else? Is there, like, an email or something?

(Also, I am slightly nervous at other people reading and reviewing my work, I’ve never done it before. That being said, I still want your honest opinion, even if it’s not the most favorable.)

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