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@eden-anderson Hahaha, or I’m using NaNoWriMo as an excuse to start getting up early again. 😛

I realized I have something happening the majority of my evenings, Mock Trial practices, community group, babysitting jobs, etc, and want to have a consistent writing time, but didn’t want to have to break in the middle of school every day to write – it would throw me off my groove – so getting up early was the only answer and hey I’m a morning person so as long as I get over my fear of having my alarm clock too loud and waking everyone else up too, I’ll be fine. 😆

For sure! I’ll be running in and out every hour. FOMO and all. 😉

I remember something cool my guild did last November was to share the day’s word counts and favorite sentence written every evening. It was super fun and kept me going. Maybe the thread could have that purpose too. (:

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