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Sarah Inkdragon

*appears in cloud of smoke*

I have been summoned.

Anyhow. Also a disclaimer like Hope said, not every INTJ will react this way. But ye, here’s mine.

1. How is she likely to act under intense pressure (like, life-and-death pressure)?

Under life and death type-pressure, calm on the outside and probably crazy on the inside. We’re masters of planning ahead, for the most part, so likely we’ve already thought of what we should do in an emergency and try to act upon that to the best of our abilities. I also should note – INTJ’s like to know things. I know some basic CPR and first aid not only because I’ve worked as a lifeguard, but also because I just like to know that sort of thing. I also know how the bio-mechanics of a horse’s movement work in a pretty specific way and how to pitch a softball or how to create good villain. I don’t know if it applies to all INTJ’s, but I know for one that I will soak up any and all information to hold onto for later use or just thought. So combine that with how much I like to plan – and I’ll likely have a pretty decent plan for any probable disaster.

2. How is might she act around people she cares about, and how would she express her love for them?

We are not outwardly caring people. Or at least I’m not. I will not be the person that runs up to you as soon as I see you and shouts your name and hugs you, or the person that offers you comfort and a shoulder to cry on if something happens. I’m the person you make inside jokes with, the person that will always listen but not really ever know what to say unless it’s something I really know anything about. I’m not the person to offer emotional advice, but I will sit with you and cry and binge watch movies together or have a serious conversation about life. I try to complement my friends as often as I can, like after a game or rehearsal, or after a test. I’ll help you study, or teach you how to do things, but I won’t really be the best person to come crying too over something that hurt your feelings. I’m more likely to analyze the problem and then tell you your best course of action than comfort you. And if you’re my friend and I think you’re making dumb choices – well, I’ll tell you so. But I like sarcasm, inside jokes, good debates, and long discussions about anything under the sun(except emotions XD).

3. How might she react if someone she cares about talks about things that matter to them or about hard things in their life (both internal and external reactions)?

It depends on the thing. If it’s something truly troubling, I’ll want to fix it, but I won’t always know what to say or what to do. I can plan for things, but I can’t predict emotions 100% of the time and that throws me for a look. So if I can’t predict it… I might be hesitant and not know what to do. I might let other people take my place in helping or point you towards someone who’s better with things like that in the kindest way possible. I would like to clarify – we do care a lot about our friends, we just don’t always know what to say. And that’s not fun for us, because we like to always know exactly what we’re supposed to do. We can offer good advice on what you should do to fix a problem like, say, getting out of a bad habit or coping with people teasing you a lot, but we don’t always know what to do with more emotional problems that can’t be fixed with an outward action, I’d say. Internally, we want to help – but externally we don’t really know what to do.

4. How is she likely to react to seeing someone she cares about being bullied (verbally and physically)?

Probably get right in the middle of things and start verbally advancing on the bully. We don’t like to cause scenes, because that’s troublesome and annoying, but we will fiercely protect our friends. And if it comes to the point where we get mad enough – well, I have enough of a temper to punch someone if I get that provoked. We like to be right – and if someone is challenging us or challenging our friends – we get mad. Outwardly, we try to remain calm looking since it gives us an advantage, but inwardly we are mad. It takes a lot of provocation, however, to get us physically angry in a place outside out home.

Anyhow, hope that help. 😉

"A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

- C. S. Lewis