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Naiya Dyani

@josiah Thanks! I need to read more Dickens sometime. Any books you would especially recommend?

Thank you! I’m not sure exactly how long I’ve been writing. . . I think I really starting dabbling in it around fifth grade. No one is ever permitted to read anything I wrote in the time period that followed 😛 . It was terrible. I mean really terrible.

What do you like to read/write? Just from your username I’m guessing something along the lines of adventure/sci-fi (though I could be wrong; I like Star Wars and usually write in a different realm) 😛 .

I need to check some of those books out when I have time! Did you read the full Les Mis or an abridgement? My dad (he’s crazy; don’t tell him I said that)(never mind, he already knows) read the full version and said I had to read it because of the intense character development. Needless to say, it’s currently on the back burner because it’s absolutely immense 😀 .

Ooh, what’s your alphabet like? Mine is structured by syllables, a bit like the Japanese hiragana alphabet (yes, I can be a serious Japanese nut 😛 ). What I mean is, in my language you don’t see stand-alone consonants very often. The words are (mostly) a combination of syllables made of a consonant with a vowel after it (such as wa or ko). The word for “thank you” in Cresban (my language; name not set in stone) is “kaishori”. To write it, you split it into its components–ka+i+sho+ri. There are letters for each existing syllable. I came up with fairly simple characters for the vowels, and for every syllable, you simply alter the writing of the vowel a specific way depending on the consonant. For instance, to write “tu”, you would take the letter for “u” and draw a slash through it to indicate the “t” at the beginning.

Wow, I need to quit rambling already 😀 . I get excited about languages. . .

Have you studied Spanish or French, or is there another Romance language you learned? Is the speaking style of your language fairly smooth (like Spanish) or more. . . well, more like German? 😛 Languages can be so much fun! 😀

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