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Daeus Lamb

*sheepish smile* Sorry I’m late. Here are the results!

Parimi Alca: 23,265
Knaphollow: 10,009
New Wessex: 8,007
Erekdale: 7,311
Meraki: 2,317
Rillumen: 987
Avensbeck: 279

And the individual award goes to @ariella-newheart with 8320 words!

Guildmasters: @maddiejay @faith_blum @karthmin @jane-maree @j-a-penrose

My guys: @piperbee @gabriellepollack @ethryndal @corissa @raemarie @bama-rose @kate @r-m-archer @literatureforthelight @j-parkhurst @gabbyj @cassandraia @chalice @noahlitle @julianne @germaine-han @sesi @r-j-karas @rosemarylouise @msqueen8 @eden-anderson @noodle-mum @italian-stallion @kayla-skywriter @w-o-holmes

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