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Now… I’m pretty sure that tactic makes the story omniscient… because an omniscient narrator looks in on the mind of the character, from the outside. This means he can actually do it with any character, though… this is hard to balance. An omniscient narrator can stick with primarily one character… but his descriptions are going to be as though he is on the outside, and whenever he’s looking in on the mind, he’s still on the outside. When the narrator is limited, he’s still writing from third person POV, but it’s inside the character’s mind, looking out. Always.

So… if your narrator has the ability to go away from the POV character he or she is omniscient. BUT! In that case you want your descriptions and the way you handle the writing itself to be omniscient. If it turns to limited third… the jump back to omniscient is going to be confusing… even if only for a paragraph. There are probably ways to work around this, but I haven’t learned them.

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I tag this people in hopes that one of them knows the answer to how I believe your question might be presented…

If the story is omniscient… the narrator has the freedom, and indeed should give information the character does not have (in varying degrees), lest it turn limited. But if you have a limited narrator… are the ways of adding segments in the story that indicate omniscient narrator who writes a limited POV, yet with in between sections that give a little extra info that the limited POV doesn’t provide? (is that the question, @ariella-newheart?)


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