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Emberynus The Dragonslayer

Would your character rather live alone for the rest of their lives, but have the safety of their loved ones guaranteed,  or live among their loved ones for ten years before they all die?

Judah: Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. *Sighs dramatically* I’ll live alone!

Francis: I would have to live alone-

Skye: My loved ones are dead.

Hector: I’ll live alone too. As long as they’re safe.

Abner: *shakily* yeah, same.

Would your character rather be a sidekick or a love interest in someone else’s story (someone else being a person of their choice)?

Francis: Sidekick

Skye: Wow. . .I-I could actually be someone’s love interest? *Looks at me* I’m picking that.

Judah: Love interest. That would be romantic. Wait- can this story like be real life? Cuz, well @banana-peacock-warrior is in real life and-

Me: uhhh, Judah.

Abner: um. I- *looks down at the floor* I- I don’t know.

Hector: Neither. unless in being a sidekick I could be a dog.



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