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Buddy J.

@anne_the_noob14… Again, I believe your argument fails to logically debunk my own, and in and of itself fails to hold itself up. For you argue against a straw man, one put up by yourself it would seem.

In dealing with the alien, or murderess Livi, I quote myself: It might be ‘“known” as something that could happen, but only by fantasy or extremity. Or maybe it is not known that such a thing could happen, nor even expected to come from such a place, so it catches off guard.’

Note that I say, that which is known could happen. In the context, I clarify that I’m not saying it can’t… but that it would be unexpected, as it is fantasy or extremity. In both of these cases, I accept that it might happen, yet I don’t expect it. The direct implication is that these are outside the realm of experience.

“It is possible to prepare for anything, if you have the resources.” -Livi

This statement above assumes one has the resources needed to prepare. But where come the resources of knowledge to know to prepare for the unexpected. Yes, by chance something unexpected might come and be propelled by the fact that something is randomly there as a barrier. But the moment a barrier is put up to stop it, it becomes expected… to a certain degree. And the fact that it is repelled does not make it unexpected, but instead merely repelled.

When speaking of preparedness… I speak of mental preparedness. The idea that our minds are ready to expect it. But… if the definition of something unexpected is that the mind is not prepared for it, how can one be prepared for that which cannot be prepared for. But if we’re ready to expect it… the unexpected is that which catches us off guard, or un-suspecting.

Now. You also argue that with the proper resources allow for the preparation of anything. Which I would argue is true. But I point out that we don’t have all resources, and the idea of unexpected assumes we don’t have the resources to expect it, and are therefore not prepared for it. Unless by chance or providence, we have set something up to stop the unexpected… which would still catch us off guard, and has not to do with that which is unexpected.

What you are arguing is the idea that the unexpected is something that can be expected, when really that merely changes the word unexpected to expected, and thus it is no longer unexpected, it is expected. The unexpected must provide with it some sort of extra “resource” as you put it before it can be expected. And to say that one expects the unexpected… is to say that omniscience, or even just full knowledge of all things possibly expected is on your side… which I highly doubt, and intend to use instead the unexpected to catch you off guard. It is hard. It is an art. But it is not impossible.


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