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Livi Ryddle

@wordsmith *shakes head* The fact that something can be explained doesn’t necessarily mean it can be expected.* For example, I can explain how aliens could take over earth. But that doesn’t mean it can be expected. I can explain how I could go about murdering somebody. But that doesn’t mean it can be (or should be) expected.

*In reality, I suppose anything and everything can be expected. But the fact that something is possible (the “can” part), doesn’t have to mean that it is in being.

When I refer to the unexpected… I speak of a place where bias in impossible. A place where the unexpected is that which cannot be prepared for, because it is not within the realm of being known. It might be “known” as something that could happen, but only by fantasy or extremity. Or maybe it is not known that such a thing could happen, nor even expected to come from such a place, so it catches off guard. This is not the quelling of expectation… but a place where expectation can’t be quelled. And in saying your expecting the unexpected makes it all expected, you blind yourself to that which will surprise. *bows* Don’t confuse quelling bias with expecting the unexpected. For that… that is a paradoxical thing.

Ah… Now that is an interesting concept. Which breaks and burns my examples about aliens and murdering. Curious. So my saying: “just because I can explain how I’d go about killing a person doesn’t mean you should expect me to,” actually means you should expect it, since in your realm, the unexpected is something that cannot be prepared for. But that’s actually not true. It is possible to prepare for anything, if you have the resources.

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