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@naiya-dyani Yes! Of course I love Winnie the Pooh! It’s sooo sweet and lovely. <3 <3 It’s the best.

Yeah, Classics are a mixed bag haha. But I guess that’s any pool of literature from any point in history. 😛

I have read a ton of classics, I don’t think I could name them all off. I’m kinda obsessed with them. Some favorites would be Tale of Two Cities. Bleak House (also Charles Dickens and one of the best books ever, though I have yet to meet someone who agrees XD) Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Gaskill’s Wives and Daughters and North and South. And Les Misérables.

Yes, The Lord of the Rings is certainly not modern day pulp fiction. But the description goes to world building, so I don’t mind. Plus its just such an amazing book.

You’ll read it and recognize a lot of things though. For example it was the novel that set the elf stereotype that now everyone uses.

He did it first though. 😉

My language is a very Romantic language grammar-wise – though it also has its own alphabet. What are your languages like?

See, I don’t view writing descriptions of setting as worldbuilding. That’s just writing. World building is when you come up with the culture and the language and the history of all the different parts in your fictional world. I love studying culture and languages and traditions and lore – I think that’s why I love world building so much. (: