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Cassandra Hamm

First of all, I would recommend not doing your typical medieval fantasy run by a king and queen. I would even just recommend not doing medieval fantasy. XD (I don’t.) But there are lots of interesting governments. I know in AP Gov, we studied varying governments—Iran (a theocracy—those are interesting), Britain (a prime minister who runs the legislature if I’m remembering correctly), Nigeria (can’t remember much about that), China (dictatorship), Mexico (can’t remember), and Russia (basic dictatorship). I would look into other world governments and histories—it’s such a relief to study a country that isn’t your own when you’ve been hearing about your own country all your life—and trying to learn about other cultures. A collectivist honor-shame culture is gonna be way different than an individualistic culture like the United States, and it’ll likely show in the government. You can create some really interesting cultures and governments if you think outside the medieval fantasy box 🙂

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