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Kenzie Pimpo

#2: Faith

I wallowed in the dark,
Too black as night to see.
I searched for endless days
To find a place I’d be free.

My eyes were just as useless
As a swimsuit in the snow.
My feet just kept on walking
Hardly knowing where to go.

My hands were outstretched wide
So I wouldn’t stumble or fall,
But they guided me in vain
‘Til, one day, I heard a call…

I didn’t trust the sound-
It was calling for my name.
I’d followed calls before,
But they’d all led me astray.

“Who’s there?” I yelled with caution
As I stared into the black.
I waited many seconds
‘Til the voice responded back:

“I found you! There you are!
“Come with me- come towards the light!
“I’ve searched for you for lifetimes to
“Bring you out from this night.”

I peered into the darkness,
But the speaker wasn’t seen.
“How is it I know,” I asked,
“That you say what you mean?”

“I am not as you men,” it said,
“That I should tell a lie.
“If you were just to trust me,
“I would stay right by your side.”

“I know that there are evils
“In this darkness where I roam…”
I said with skepticism
As I asked if he WAS one.

The voice was growing louder
As it drew closer to me.
I debated turning ‘round…
Into darkness I would flee.

But something seemed inviting
In this voice that pierced the night.
What if there was something more?
What if there WAS light?

It called my name again-
It was closer than before.
It laid a hand on my shoulder and said:
“Come with me for more.”

I winced and loved the feeling
Of the hand on my shoulder.
It was strong and simply loving
And felt just like no other.

Once again, I felt the doubts
And asked, “What proof’s there of day?”
It said, “I have only a promise:
“Take my hand out of faith.”

I took another glance
‘Round me at the blackened land.
Then, with a shaky breath,
I reached up and took the hand.

Though darkness was so black,
I felt a smile on its face.
Then it pulled and pulled and pulled me
At a mad and quickening pace!

Holding tight for all my life,
I was flying through the night.
Then, with sudden, freeing force,
I was blinded by the light.

I opened up my eyes-
Seeing life in the sun’s rays.
I saw he who owned the hand-
He beamed and said, “I’m glad you had faith.”

“When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭94:19‬ ‭