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Yep! We tend to move around a lot so I haven’t ever been in a good place for horses– not to mention the cost of transporting one. Otherwise I would love to have one. 😛

Your WIP sounds neat! And not stupid at all. (And Eyy, INFP. My favorite! XD)  I struggle with themes as well,  but I’m sure you can pull it off!

Well, I’m currently *trying* to finish my current stop before NaNoWriMo and frantically prepping for that as well. My main WIP is about an arrogant man *cough* He’s a jerk *cough* and a depressed cat burglar who completely hates him. Meanwhile, this slightly idiotic man accidentally becomes indebted to a gang leader, His brother and sister are looking for him since he ran away from home, And a princsess may or may not be plotting to murder her parents and brother for the throne. *grins* And it’s also about tuna sandwiches. And birds.

And then my NaNoWriMo project will be Historical Fantasy set in WWI.

Sometimes I fall so in love with the idea of Beauty.